Support the South Korean Olympic team!

Support the South Korean Olympic team!

You may have already heard the news last month that talented Singer, Actor and Presenter Lee Seung Gi is confirmed to be a Olympic Torch Bearer for the relay that will mark the opening of the 2012 London Olympics. Chosen by Samsung (a Korean Company did you know?) Lee Seung Gi will be one of the 8000 people who will be carrying the Olympic torch during it’s journey all around the UK.

As of yet, it has not been confirmed which part of the route Lee Seung Gi will be participating in. The relay starts on 27th May at Lands End and will journey all around the UK for 70 days, where it is expected to come within 10 miles of 95% of people in the UK, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey. The torch will arrive in London on 21st July and will tour all around London and making it’s final stop in Central London on the 26th London where there will be a MASSIVE celebration in preparation for the Olympic which starts the next day (27 July). *Fingers crossed* Lee Seung Gi gets a part of the route that’s in London for maximum exposure and because we are based here… Sorry non Londoners! :P

So with Lee Seung Gi taking part in the Olympic torch relay, here is how you can take part in the Olympic festivities and show your support to the South Korean Team! The KCC is looking for supporters to participate with events during the run up to the Olympics as well as helping to encourage the Korean Sports Representatives during the Olympic Games! Here’s how to apply:

Support the South Korean Olympic team!

So make sure you apply ASAP! In the mean time, make sure you join in with the Korean Culture Centre’s celebrations to mark 100 days till the 2012 London Olympics which starts tomorrow! Tuesday April 17! If you are in London, keep an eye out for a bus decorated with the Korean flag making it’s way around, full of enthusiastic supporters! There will also be special performances along the way as well as a special performance/flashmob at Trafalgar square at 2pm so take a late lunch and make sure you pop over to join in!

As of yet, the bus route has not been confirmed but we will make sure we let you guys know ASAP! If you are interested in joining in with the flashmob then make sure you check out the dance tutorials by the Loko team! And don’t worry about being perfect, just make sure you are full of energy on the day! The songs planned are Fantastic Baby ~ Big Bang, Abracadabra ~Brown Eyed Girls (we’re sure you can all join in with this!!!) Bo Peep Bo Peep ~ T-ara, Sorry Sorry and Mr Simple ~ Superjunior. **Please note! Both youtube videos are NOT mirrored! So you will have to go the opposite way!

There is also a very special flag dance planned inspired by one of our favourite movies Sunny! The flags will be provided on the day and if you can, please try and wear yellow! The dance looks simple to follow, if you don’t have time to learn it then just stand at the back and follow what everyone else is doing! When in doubt just smile and be enthusiastic! :D Can’t wait to see you guys all there!

And don’t forget that in the evening there is the KCC’s Kpop night!!! Free Entry and lots of Kpop tunes for you to dance to! It’s going to be a EPIC celebration! And to all those people who will be signing up to be a supporter, you will also be in for a chance to win this: A SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE!!!


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