“All Eyes on Korea” – Festival Bus Tour

To celebrate the launch of the Korean Cultural Centre in London’s  “All Eyes on Korea” Summer Festival, a very special bus tour around London was planned. While a bus tour may conjure up ideas of bored tourists sitting in open top buses and stuck in traffic, I can assure you this was completely different. For one, this bus was blasting Kpop around London! Hit the jump for the Massive’s coverage of the bus tour – we were there from the very early beginning to the very wet end!

In the run up to the festival bus tour, we got to see some of the hard work and energy put into the day. The London Kpop Dance (LoKo) team worked closely with the KCC and put in A LOT of time and effort to teach the routines that would be used during the day. They all deserve a MASSIVE pat on the back for all the work they did – good job guys! A big pat on the back should also go to all the Korea supporters too and all the members of the KCC who were there until the late late evening blowing up balloons and planning! A big around of applause for everyone!

On the day of the event, there were rehearsals happening till the very last minute to make sure performances were slick, with people coming in first thing in the morning! Thumbs up to all the dedicated supporters for the amount of hard work and practice they put in to do the KCC proud! After a bit of last minute preparation, such as changing into special ‘I heart Han Guk’ t-shirts and having a few weather related worries, everyone gathered together and shuffled onto the KCC’s festival bus!

Once we were all on board and sitting comfortably, it was time to set off around London! With flags in hand, a smile on our faces, and cute mascot in the back, we began! Our first port of call was the area around Victoria, where press people were waiting to hop onto the party bus to join the tour. Sounds and feels a bit like a (rather crazy) school trip, but with everyone singing to Korean tunes enthusiastically!

Once the press all aboard, we continued our journey around London. There was a great atmosphere on board the bus. All the Korea supporters were brilliant, continually singing along and drumming up enthusiasm.

Mascot holding hands with his buddy

Mascot holding hands with his buddy

There really wasn’t ever a dull moment on board! I think the press were really impressed with how much effort was put into the day, and the passion that everyone on board felt for Korean culture. A lot of the Korea supporters had given up a lot of time to learn the dances and get involved, and you could really tell that they gave it their all throughout the day.

It was also very fun watching the reactions of the people as the bus passed by. There were some confused faces amongst the crowds, but on the whole the reactions were great! Loads of people got their phones out to take a photo, give us a wave, or even try a few dance moves themselves! It definitely made quite an impression on London as people were coming up to the bus at red lights to ask what was happening and we had many friends and family tell us they heard the bus go pass their work places! The Korea Supporters were definitely good at making some noise and generating attention!

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A few of the people we passed were obviously Kpop fans, as we saw some rather impressive SHINee “Sherlock” moves going on! Yes amazing girl near Trafalgar square! We saw you and applaud you for Sherlocking in the rain!!! We also got some “saranghae” arm poses from people at Trafalgar Square!

SHINee comes back to London….sort of!
One KCM member spots us going past at her work!

After a short break back at the KCC, where the KCC supplied everyone with some tasty kimbap, we were off again! This time by foot, over to the South Bank area to begin the first flash mob of the day. It was a nice sunny walk over Westminster Bridge, and we headed towards the Hayward Gallery, where many of the Summer Festival events will be taking place. Upon arrival, the Korea supporters and press got into position, and the fun began!

The Korea supporters continued their journey towards the London Eye and Trafalgar Square areas for more performances and flash mobs. Unfortunately, due to the erratic British weather, the tour bus schedule had to be altered and we had to rush back to the KCC for the Press launch for the “All Eyes on Korea” festival (we have posted up all information here). However, we hear the sun stayed out and performances were very successful, with crowds officially put into a “sunny” mood after a rather dreary day! Go Korea Supporters!


We set out again on the bus for the afternoon leg of the tour with many of the important figures of the KCC and Korean embassy invited to give them a taste of the awesomeness of the festival bus and how it was generating awareness for the South Korea and the Olympic games! Luckily for us, we were sitting at the bottom of the bus this time round, as it started raining again, so those on the open top deck got more than a touch wet. However, it didn’t dampen their spirits (or voices) one bit, fighting!

Couldn’t resist filming the mascot’s adorable dancing!

Eventually, as the rainfall started to get heavier, the bus headed back to the KCC, but not before we’d thoroughly entertained London’s crowds! Thankfully the weather cleared up later to allow the last flash mob of the day to go ahead. This time it was outside the KCC building to entertain the crowds that were queuing for the Kpop night!

You go girls (and guy)!

Last dance of the day!

In all, it was a really fun day, and a great way to start the “All Eyes on Korea” campaign. People will definitely be talking about this now, and trying to find out more info! The KCC organised the day really well, and the LoKo team were amazing at teaching the dances and getting the supporters and audiences pumped on the day. The Korea supporters represented the spirit of the day amazingly, and were always smiling brightly and being great representatives. Good job to everyone involved!

All this effort was to make people aware of the 100 day Summer Festival that the KCC has planned for London. The festival will be bringing you the very best of Korea’s creative content with everything from music and art, to food and film! Don’t miss out! Check out our post of planned events here and put the dates in those diaries now!


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