“All Eyes on Korea” – Kpop Night at the KCC

"All Eyes on Korea" - Kpop Night at the KCC

To finish off the the ‘All Eyes on Korea – 100 days until the Olympics’ opening day, the KCC hosted their first Kpop night of 2012, along with the help of the Kpop Team. After a hard week of preparations, and then experiencing rain, terrestrial winds and sunshine on the bus tour, by the evening the staff and Korea supporters were ready to let their hair down! So after the last flash mob performance, the doors were opened to the public (just in time before the rain started!); it was finally time to boogie on down to some Kpop tunes in the fabulously transformed KCC “night club”.

Anyone who has been to previous Kpop nights at the KCC knows how popular they are, and this time it was no different with the public turning up to start queuing a few hours in advance. Their enthusiasm was not in vain as the first 5 early birds received a surprise gift later on that evening!

As the dance floor started filling up, people immediately started to get their groove on and bust out a few Kpop moves. A few memorable moments of the night was when the whole dance floor was singing 2PM “Again and Again” and the deafening screams when ‘Lucifer’ came on. And you can always rely on good ol’ SuperJunior to get everybody dancing – even the shy boys on the edge of the dance floor, that’s right we saw you! We want to see you join us in the middle of the dance floor next time! The Kpop Team were giving out free glow sticks throughout the night, which people proceeded to decorate themselves with – props to the inventive person who used them as hair decorations, loving it! The KCC also provided everyone with drinks (non-alcoholic as it was an all-ages event) and snacks, very addictive!

One of the highlights of the night were the Kpop Team’s dancers, who put on an amazing performance for everyone. These guys were seriously impressive, dancing for a long time and showcasing some amazing skills for everyone gathered. For a full album of the night, please click here and you can see many more crazy dance photos of the night!! It’s hard to pick out a favourite photo, there are so many amazing ones!

As well as taking lots of photos, we also have some videos of their dancing for you to enjoy! A full playlist of all the dancing videos can be seen here. If you have time, make sure you check out some of the videos because some of these dancers had some serious moves! It was insanely good! The guy in the baseball hat – as seen in the pic above – was amazing!

After the dance showcase, it was time for prizes to be given out. There were some amazing items to be won, with one of the best being a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note! Ah, we were so jealous of the girl who won it, but we put on our graceful losing faces and applauded her, congratulations! The people giving out the prizes were some of the movers and shakers (not the dancing kind) of the KCC and other big wigs involved in Korean organisations in the UK.

"All Eyes on Korea" - Kpop Night at the KCC

The winner of the best dressed ‘Taegukgi’ theme winning the Galaxy Note.

The Kpop night was a really fun way to end off the day, and to signal the beginning of the ‘100 Days until the Olympics’ Summer festival. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the programme yet check it out here.

KCC “All Eyes on Korea” fighting


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