Thank You

Thank You

Our little gift from World Korea blog, all the way from South Korea :D Korean Class MASSIVE Blog was started on 31 October 2012 which means that today, we are six months old!

It’s been a crazy six months and we just wanted to take a moment to thank all our friends (old and new), family and readers for all their support over the last six months. It has been absolutely AWESOME and we couldn’t have done it without you!We have been given so many amazing opportunities and met so many wonderful people in these six months that we really wanted to just show our appreciation to everyone we’ve met/worked with along the way so far! LoKosThe EastKiejoLondon Korean LinksKorean Cultural Centre, the lovely readers, and everyone else. We look forward to continuing our Korean adventures, and hope you’ll all join us along the way!

It has been a hard six months and sometimes difficult to get some people to take us seriously but we mean business and we would like to give a special thanks to World Korea Blog for selecting us as part of the World Korea Blog family and Romeo of The East Charity for believing in us!

We still have a long way to go (to world domination) so please 잘 부탁드립니다!With our certificates from World Korea Blog (some of us are camera shy)

Love from
Annabel, Ema and Sarah


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