YG Auditions in the UK!

After the exciting news that Big Bang will be holding a world tour that will include 25 cities around the globe, and that it’s highly likely that London will be one of them *fingers crossed*, YG has now announced that it will be holding global auditions. And guess what, London is one of the places they’re coming to! Singers, musicians, dancers – get your vocal chords warmed up and stretch out those muscles cos YG is coming our way!
YG Auditions 2012
It’s time Kpop fans for you to show Korean entertainment companies just what the UK is made of. I know we have some amazing singers here, so let your talent shine! Just think, this could be your chance to become the next big idol; in a few years you may be rubbing shoulders with T.O.P and Dara! If you’ve ever thought about auditions, but may be feeling shy or nervous, don’t let this chance pass you by. It’s so rare we get such an opportunity here, so while it’s in our country, we have to grab it with both hands.

So what are the details of the auditions?

YG Auditions 2012 Application

See this video to go over the details again, and to find out about auditions in other countries:

It’s a shame that there is a barrier on the age range, as we know there are many talented people above 19. However, there’s no way we can change this, but hopefully YG will see we have many talented people here, so in the future the age limit could be made higher.

As London is being a host for auditions, this also makes us very hopeful that the Big Bang tour will come here too. It seems like London is being tested out to see how popular YG is here, so let’s make sure YG knows how many fans here there are so they will then know a concert would be successful. So if you’re not going to auditions, we can still all support those who are!

This is sure to be a really exciting event and a big ‘good luck’ to everyone who will enter. UK FIGHTING!


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