LoKo London Kpop Dance Workshop (May) – Shining SHINee Edition

LoKo London Kpop Dance Workshop (May) - Shining SHINee Edition

SHINee seems to be a constant favourite in the UK in terms of Kpop groups, so it was only a matter of time before the LoKo crew dedicated a whole workshop to this colourful group! Getting our pastel coloured jeans on (OK, so I didn’t actually have pastel jeans on, but if I had some, I would have totally worn them), I headed out the door and set off for what was sure to be a day we’d want to ‘replay’ again and again (sorry, couldn’t resist).

For those who don’t know, the London Kpop Dance crew, or LoKos for short, are four women who are helping UK Kpop fans to be able to learn their favourite Kpop dance routines in a safe and fun environment. For more information on them, please visit their FaceBook page, and read previous posts about them here.

As usual, the LoKos were making sure that everyone could arrive to the dance studio without trouble as one of them was waiting at the nearest tube stop so we could all go to the studio together. This is a great thing that they always do as many attendees are quite young and it could be a bit confusing for them to try to get to the studio by themselves. Doing this also puts parents minds’ at ease that their children will be able to have safe and enjoyable day. It also gives everyone coming to the workshop a chance to have a chat and get to know people before the dancing begins.

After arriving at the studio and getting sorted out, it was time for the warm up. As usual, Caroline, who always does the warm up, was thorough and everyone was left feeling like they’d just completed a bleep test. So much for staying cool and fresh like the SHINee boys!

The first song of the day was ‘Lucifer’, and was taught by Deanna. Watch the original song below.

Before we started to learn the dance, the teachers demonstrated the parts we would be learning.

As a long time fan of this song, it was great to be able to finally learn the moves to the chorus of it. A lot of the students were already familiar with the moves as many had learnt parts of it previously. Even so, the moves were taught step by step so everyone could learn the routine, and those who already knew some of them could see some of the details that they may have missed previously. As the class was so big, we were split into groups for the last run through of each song.

After a quick break, we moved onto the next song – Ring Ding Dong taught by Isabelle.

And the teacher demo….

I’m happy to report that doing the side body wave move for the Ring Ding Dong chorus is every bit as fun as it looks, and I feel that everyone should try doing it at least once in their lives. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so coordinated when it came to that spinning, hopping round in a circle move. SHINee and the LoKo teachers manage to make everything look so easy, but somehow my body just doesn’t know how to do some movements! Even so, this was a great song to learn too, and in the end, you don’t care if you can’t pull off a certain move as you’re having so much fun.

Third song of the day was Reply taught by Tammy

And the teacher demo…

Ah Replay, SHINee’s debut song – the nostalgia! This song was a little slower in pace than the first two so it gave everyone a chance to slip back into dancing at a nice pace after lunch. Even though it was slower, my brain is like a sieve for remembering dance moves. However, the LoKo teachers were always on hand to repeat certain sections of the dance, and helped everyone to try to master the routine.

There was once more song left to learn that day. Want to know? Are you curious, yeah? Follow the clues, all notes will lead to Sherlock!

This was taught by Caroline. Before we started to learn the routine, Caroline and some of the students who knew some of the dance were so curious and tried to work out the beginning Sherlock’s dance.

Sherlock is a ridiculously fun dance to do. You have the silly walk, picture taking moves, sailor spotting the land backwards shuffling, and one of my favourite bits, Key doing the rocking horse. What’s not to love about it! It’s also relatively easy to remember as there’s quite a bit of repetition. It was a really great song to end the day on, and was my favourite dance to do.

LoKo London Kpop Dance Workshop (May) - Shining SHINee EditionIt was another great day with the LoKos, and I had a fun time trying to channel my inner SHINee, though I wasn’t exactly ‘bling bling’ and ‘flaming charisma’ just yet. Also, congratulations to them as it was their biggest workshop yet, with over 35 people coming! They also gave out posters and stickers at the end to some of the people who came. This was a really nice touch and everyone appreciated it. Tammy also brought out cupcakes for everyone at the end of the day – super thoughtful! Perfect way to end off the day.The LoKos’ next workshop, on the 26th May, sees the return of Danydan Park! He’ll be doing a Kpop routine and some of his own choreography to a Kpop song. Danydan’s a hilarious guy, so I advise you all to go! There’s no way you won’t have a great day. Look at the event page for all details.


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