London Olympics – The Torch Relay

You’ve probably all heard by now that MC, singer, actor and all round cutie Lee Seung Gi will be running a leg of the Olympic torch relay on behalf of Samsung, who are a partner for the London 201 Olympic Games. Although not appearing on the official London Olympics website under people that will be torch bearers, Samsung have released information that Lee Seung Gi will be running in Manchester on the 23rd June.

Lee Seung Ri Olympic Torch 2012

If you happen to be in Manchester that date and want to get all the latest info on Lee Seung Gi’s plans for his visit, take a look at this FaceBook group which has all the latest news and info about his arrival. They also have plans in place on how to support him and merchandise for sale to show you’re a Lee Seung Gi fan! Lee Seung Gi is sure to appreciate support along his run, so check out that FaceBook page to see what other people’s plans are! However, Lee Seung Gi isn’t the only notable Korean doing a leg of the torch relay. Read on to find out more.

Choo Kyu Ho, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in London, will be taking part in the Olympic Torch Relay on the 25th July, running through the London Borough of Brent. Although you may think diplomats spend all day in the office, surprisingly the Ambassador is a very active man! Don’t underestimate the Ambassador, sounds like he can give you a run for your money in terms of sporting prowess! We look forward to his part in the relay, and hope Londoners will lend support to him on the day too.

Olympic Torch 2012 Choo Kyu Ho

Chun Su Jin is another Torch Bearer to look out for. Chun Su Jin is the only Korean reporter to be a Torch Bearer in recent Olympic history (source), so this is sure to be a big day for her. This will likely be an extra special day for her as she’s been reporting for the Olympic Movement and the IOC, and now it’s her turn to take part in the Games, and not be a spectator or reporter.
Olympic Torch 2012 Su Jin

There are also some Torch Bearers for whom being able to run in this relay will be an especially joyous day. Kang Ji Won is a woman who’s experienced many hardships. Having fought cancer, she is now taking part in the Torch relay. Hopefully this will be a special moment for her and will show other people with cancer that there’s always hope.

Olympic Torch 2012 Jiwon

Jeong Jong Hyuk is obviously a kind man who tries to help others to improve their own lives for a brighter future. With a long history working with Samsung, he spends his free time trying to help young people who might be going down the wrong track to work on changing their attitudes and actions. This guy definitely sounds like a deserving Torch Bearer.

Olympic Torch 2012 Jong Hyeok
If you get a chance to, show your support for these runners, and in fact anyone who’s running as a Torch Bearer. I’m sure anyone’s who’s running in the relay will be pleased to know they have people watching and supporting them. We can’t wait to have Lee Seung Gi in our country, and will be showing our support for him, other Koreans who are Torch Bearers, and everyone else taking part! Have fun to everyone carrying The Flame!

Just a quick mention about the Olympic Korean team’s fashion. They are going to look very stylish! Their outfits have been designed with the ‘Taeguk’ as the main concept. With FILA and Bean Pole having input on the designs, it’s no wonder the clothes are sleek yet sporty.
Image : Source

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