Gamevil Inc

Gamevil Inc

Calling all gamers, GAMEVIL Inc. ((주)게임빌) currently has a special offer on where many of their games are FREE with a number of other games heavily discounted!!! GAMEVIL Inc, a mobile game publisher, born in Seoul, develops and publishes video games for iPhones etc. They have created over 60 games, won many awards and is one of the largest mobile game companies in South Korea.

Gamevil Inc

We are very excited as Hybrid Eternal Whisper, winner of the 2009 Best iPhone RPG award by TouchGen is available FOR FREE!!! We have heard quite a lot about this game and can’t wait to get stuck into it! GAMEVIL describes Hybrid as a stylish action game where the fighting and special moves take precedence over the RPG storytelling elements, which means FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! The game is said to take place between two parallel worlds. You play as Grey, and it is you mission to defend the world of Platina against the evil forces of the Dark Spirits and their minions. With just a sword and a wardrobe of accessories you battle through over 100 levels as you master the art of infinite combos. But we would like to state, this is not a button bashing game. One of the reason as to why this game has been such a hit is because it requires you to learn to combine combos to unleash epic attacks! To master this game you will have to teach your thumb to dance around the screen with elegance and flare whilst executing flawless combos one after another. Just don’t drop your iPhone!

The graphics of the game looks amazing for a 2D game set in a super adorable setting. The fighting is a stylish slasher rather then the classic input attack, wait your turn, die. ARGH! We’ve heard that the monster designs are really well done with some killer tracks and sounds effects to go with it. We can’t wait to give our thumbs a good work out!

This is the first time that Hybrid is free so get in there while you can!!! In the mean time make sure you check out there Facebook page for all the latest updates and it seems like GAMEVIL Inc are feeling pretty generously lately with a number of in-game giveaways!

Images credit to iTunes and GAMEVIL Inc.

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