MBC Culture Festival in London

MBC Culture Festival in London

It was suddenly announced yesterday, that the much anticipated MBC Festival in London (originally rumoured to be at the beginning of June) will be taking place on the 23rd of June 2012! Billed as a Culture Festival and taking place at the Indigo2 arena, the tickets for this event are sure to sell like hot cakes. As of yet, there is not much too information about this event, but what we do know sounds amazing! Hit the jump for the low down!

mbc festival press
Kpop acts that have been confirmed at this date are Norazo4Minute, and a personal favourite, EXO-K! Not much is currently known about how long each group will have the stage for, or if they’ll also take part in any of the cultural activities. But I’m pretty sure it would be a treat to see any Kpop group dressed up in traditional clothes and play traditional instruments!

The festival sounds like it will bring together traditional elements of Korean culture, but ‘harmomised’ with more modern aspects, in this case, Kpop. It all sounds very interesting and intriguing. We can’t wait to see how everything turns out and what the stages would be like.

But how can we all get our hands on these sought after tickets?! Initially, ticketmaster stated that tickets would go on sale this morning at 10am! However, about half an hour before the time of ticket release, the onsale date and time was changed. Tickets will now be on sale from Monday 11th June 9am. You will be able to buy tickets over Ticket MasterGigs and Tours and See Tickets. There is still some confusion as Ticket Master has tickets going on sale at 10am, whereas See Tickets and Gigs and Tours has them going on sale at 9am. Why the difference?!?! We’d like to note, in The Metro, a poster for the event stated 9am too. So we’d say go online at 9am, not 10am. We will work hard in gathering information and trying to keep you guys as up to date as possible! Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest info!

There are some restrictions on the event that people should note. Ticket Master lists that this venue and event is for those aged 14+, and those from 14-15 years must be accompanied by an adult. See Tickets says this event is 16+ only, and 16-18 year olds must be accompanied by an adult. More conflicting information from the two ticket selling sites! Hopefully, there will be some official clarification on this matter soon as many fans fall within this age range and will need confirmation before ticket purchases!

MBC Culture Festival in London

Where the magic will happen! Source

MBC Culture Festival in LondonThe venue itself is the Indigo2 arena. All information about the arena can be read here. The event seems like it will be totally seated, which is fitting as it’s not just a Kpop event. However, as seating arrangements can be changed, we can’t be sure yet how the venue will be set up. There is a general guide to the capacity of the venue though (see pic to left). I’d advise people not to panic too much when buying tickets, there should be enough for everyon

Although some important details about buying tickets for this event are still sketchy and unclear, this Festival sounds amazing – a mix of modern and traditional. It will be a great opportunity to see some amazing Kpop acts, but also learn more about more traditions sides of South Korea too.

p.s I hope we all get to witness this song live. It will be GLORIOUS

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