MBC Festival 23rd June, London: Culture Stages

MBC Culture Festival in London

Press releases are spreading like wild fire and we finally get to see what cultural stages MBC has planned for us!!! It has been confirmed that EXO-K, 4Minute and Norazo will be performing, and looks like they will be the only acts making up the modern music section of the festival. MBC also has some really cool cultural acts up their sleeves that will be a festival for the eyes as well as the ears!

MBC Festival 23rd June, London: Culture Stages‘Queen’, an all female modernised Korean traditional music band will be performing and representing the more traditional side of Korean music. A little about the 5 member band: “They pursue a new harmony of traditional Korean music and Classic music. Their stage involves instruments such as haegum, daegum, electric violin and gayagum with the vocal performing traditional narrative song”. We are guessing they will be something like Sorea in Hanboks. Sorea was really popular back at the Thames Festival in 2009. Last year’s Korea Calling also saw a very popular stage of traditional Korean instruments who then proceeded to bust out some Kpop classics such as SNSD’s Gee and Superjunior’s Sorry Sorry so here’s hoping for an interesting fusion stage of old and new from Queen!

Park Hanbok

Park with Rainbow

And if that wasn’t enough, Park Sul-Nyeo will also be displaying some of her Traditional Korean Royal Costumes! All the amazing costumes and colours are going to be a feast for our eyes! “Park is an established hanbok (Korean traditional costume) designer, favoured by celebrities. She has been holding hanbok fashion show every year in order to promote the beauty of hanbok”.

Park is quite an impressive business woman having been selected as the Female CEO Who Has Established Outstanding Success in 2008, and have received two Lifetime Achievement awards in 1999 (Yejiwon and KBS). She also has costume leases with TV programs including Yeoin Cheonha,Yeoseotsi Naegohyang, and Jang Huibin of major national broadcasting companies such as KBS, MBC and SBS – no doubt you would have seen one of her works of art without even knowing it!  And if she looks familiar to you, that’s because she was the designer who dressed our very own British sweetheart Pixie Lott in a Hanbok! It’s sure to be an excellent show and a first for the UK public to get to see her works.

MBC Festival 23rd June, London: Culture Stages

So don’t forget to be ready on Monday to purchase your tickets! For more information on the concert see our earlier post. It is currently still assumed that tickets will go on sale at 9am! We will keep you posted!!!

This event is brought to you by MBC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 

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