MBC Festival 23rd June, London: Kpop Act Profiles

MBC Culture Festival in London

So the Kpop line up for the MBC Festival has been confirmed – 4Minute, Norazo, and EXO-K will be coming to our little island! This is a really good mix; we have a sultry girl group, a hunky-comedy duet, and super rookies to entertain us! They’re all sure to give us some great performances and being able to see them live and in the flesh will surely be memorable experience for anyone attending.

Just so we can all get to know these three groups a little better and give them a super warm welcome, we’ve put together quick profile for you!

First up, Norazo/노라조. Although this duet may not be as well known as 4Minute and EXO-K in the UK, this doesn’t mean that their stage won’t be great. This pair seem to be a couple of jokers with a talent for making comedic songs, but definitely have the talent to back it all up! Their band name, Norazo, is a play on words – 노라조 /norajo, which sounds like ‘let’s play’ in Korean or 努喇鳥, which means ‘a bird that tries hard to blow the horn’ in Chinese. Their playful name definitely reflects their style of music. The two members are Cho Bin and Lee Hyuk. With them both being born in the 70s, this means good news for older Kpop fans (like us), who can openly fangirl over them without worrying whether it’s all legal or not! And we have to say, helllllloooo Lee Hyuk, hubba hubba!

Left: Cho Bin, Right: Lee Hyuk

Left: Cho Bin, Right: Lee Hyuk

Check out their super catchy song ‘Superman’

These guys look absolutely hilarious. Can’t wait to witness their live stage, looks like it’ll be a real event! Check out this UK Twitter fan base for them.

Next to look at, it’s 4Minute/포미닛! Girl group 4Minute were first to debut from the United CUBE family back in June 2009. They have since released a string of successful singles as well as debuting in Japan with dedicated Japanese single (in that Japanese singles were especially made rather then translating their Korean singles). This band have also been hit with censorship problems from as early as their second single which was deemed too lyrically saucy. They’ve recently had their Korean comeback, with the hit ‘Volume Up’ and we’re praying that they’ll be performing this great single at the Festival.

4minute mbc

Image source – all kpop

4Minute is made up of five members, Nam Jihyun, Heo Gayoon, Jeon Jiyoon, Kim Hyuna and Kwon Sohyun. Their band name, 4Minute, refers to the fact that they can charm you in four minutes, the average length of a song. Swing by their UK Twitter fan base for more info.

Check out their latest single, ‘Volume Up’

And last, but so very not least, it’s EXO-K/엑소케이! Ah EXO-K, what to say about them without turning into a pile of mush. EXO-K is SM Ent’s latest group who debuted about two months ago, but is already receiving explosive popularity! Along with EXO-M, they make up EXO. While K and M perform the same songs and promote at the same time, EXO-K sings in Korean and promotes in Korea, while EXO-M sings in Mandarin and promotes in China. This six member boy group is made up of Suho, Kai, Sehun, Baekhyun, D.O and ‘Happy Virus’ Chanyeol <3 These cuties, who’ve been promoting their dramatic debut single ‘MAMA’, have been stealing hearts and winning fans around the globe! (Can you tell I’m a fan?)


Also stop by the FaceBook page for suggested fan chants for the Festival if you’re interested, and this FaceBook page for a possible 4Minute fan signing event at HMV!

Sources: Norazo FansNorazo WikiGo Kpop: NorazoAll Kpop4Minute Wiki


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