UKFC Friendship Nights Start Up Again!

UKFC Friendship Nights Start Up Again!

The United Korean Fan Club, or UKFC for short, is a Face Book group that is a “non-profitable organisation affiliated with the London Korean Times, a British publication sponsored by The East Foundation”. Basically it’s place for fans of Korean culture to come together and discuss matters which interest them about Korea. Over this past year, this group has been holding fortnightly meet ups in New Malden, the ‘Korea Town’ of London. Although they took a break over the last few weeks, they’re starting back up again!

And what can you expect from one of the UKFC friendship nights? A lot, that’s what! With an original format of meeting at the Han restaurant in New Malden for noraebang then drinks and chats, this time round a few changes have been put in place……

UKFC Friendship Nights Start Up Again!

Now there will be more of a focus put on meeting new people and discussions. At past UKFC Friendship nights, the noraebang was the main focal point, but with an introduction of a set timetable of events, the next Friendship nights should be able to bring people together more and allow people to make new friends and have some good debates about all things Korean!

This event is open to anyone who’s a member of the UKFC group on FaceBook. It isn’t hard to become a member of this group, all you need to do is make a request to join, you don’t need any special talents or background to be involved. As long as you’re interested in Korean culture, you’re welcome! Once you’re a member, head over to the event page and click ‘Join’! Don’t be afraid to come alone, everyone’s very friendly so you won’t feel left out. If you want to bring along a friend, that’s also fine! Just get them to join the UKFC group too.

Hopefully many new people will come to the event, it’s a fun and perfect way to share your thoughts and ideas about Korea with like minded people. A place to make lots of new and cool friends! :)

Sources: UKFC FaceBookUKFC Friendship Night Event Page


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