Jo Kwon = Harry Potter?

It’s not often that you see the world of J.K Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ clash with Kpop, but when it does, only hilarious and good things can come out of it! 2AM’s Jo Kwon will be soon releasing a solo album, with a very familiar theme. Read on to find out more!

Jo Kwon Harry Potter Album

Teaser images for Jo Kwon’s solo album have been released, along with a track list, and there’s something very familiar going on! ‘Dark Jo Kwon’ will be making an appearance soon, but who is this mysterious person? Looking at the album logo, which looks like a snitch in bondage, we getting distinct Death Eater vibes. Is the Dark Lord planning a return via Kpop? Get your wands at the ready!

More traces of ‘Harry Potter’ can be seen in the track list, where one of the songs is actually called ‘Wingardium Leviosa’! No, we’re not even kidding!

Wingardium Leviosa Harry Potter spell
Jo kwon harry potterHowever, Jo Kwon isn’t the first Kpop idol to be delving into the world of ‘Harry Potter’ for inspiration. The title of Xiah Junsu’s recent solo track, ‘Tarantallegra’, is in fact a jinx used by Draco against Harry which causes perpetual dancing!So in 2AM’s down time, we’re guessing Jo Kwon has been brushing up on his charms and potions in preparation for his solo album! We also found out that Jo Kwon’s involvement with the Potterverse goes back much further than his new album. At school, his nickname was Harry Potter. As a child, he ended up with several scars on his head from different incidents which led to him being known as Harry Potter by school mates. Apparently they’re from innocent sounding mishaps, but we feel this is cover story for more sinister accidents with the forbidden curses! So is this latest dalliance with ‘Harry Potter’ just a bit of fun or something more? Is Jo Kwon trying to prepare us muggles for some spectacular wizarding showdown that’s headed our way? Is Jo Kwon in fact ‘the boy who lived?’ But then who is the Dark Lord?!

“Tarantallegra, the Dancing jinx, apparently causes uncontrollable jerking and twitching in the legs of the person against whom it is cast. It can apparently be stopped by the Finite Incantatem charm. We first see this spell when it is cast against Harry by Malfoy in the Dueling Club
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This definitely fits Junsu’s dancing style to his song! But why is Junsu using ‘Harry Potter’ spells too? We definitely feel there are some hidden meanings going on here.

What’s more, we’ve even seen Kpop idols addressing whole stadiums, questioning them about Harry Potter! In the video below, Yunho’s talking to the crowd. Is it just us, or is he saying, at 0:17, “Is everybody Harry Potter tonight!” Ok, we knows he’s not actually saying that, let us be silly :P Oh Yunho, not everyone can be Harry Potter, there’s only one of him! Don’t worry, we can teach you all about the Wizarding World.

The Kpop world suddenly seems a very suspicious place! Kpop entertainment companies = Hogwarts Houses? Who knows! We’ll certainly be on the look out for signs of more supernatural goings on and wand waving. Remember, check the arms for dark marks!

All this talk of Kpop and ‘Harry Potter’ is putting me in the mood for a Kpop version of the ‘Harry Potter’ world. Which Kpop idols do you think would fit the characters?! Tell us! Who would you want to be on a Quidditch team with? Who would you want to have as your Charms teacher? So many options, not enough time to imagine it all!

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