‘All Eyes on Korea’ D-50

'All Eyes on Korea' - 100 Day Summer Festival (June - Sept 2012)

The Korean Cultural Centre’s All Eyes on Korea 100 Day Festival is well on it’s way with artist Lee Bul already having given her lecture at Hayward Gallery and Choi Jeong Hwa’s installation standing proudly at the South Bank. So far we are about half way through with just under 50 days left of the Festival. But what more has the KCC added to their already EPIC summer programme?

cavendish square London map

click for larger image

No doubt shopping is a British fave past time with Oxford Circus iconic all around the world. Tucked behind John Lewis along Oxford Street, the little park named Cavendish Square will be hosting a one-year public art project called “Written in Soap : A Plinth Project” by MeeKyoung Shin. What could that possible mean? Well MeeKyoung Shin came to London 15 years ago to study at the Slade School of Fine Art. And it was here that she developed her quirky signature of using soap to create replica vases and sculptures as she said “To me, they looked as if they were made from soap,” (source). As seen in the photo, MeeKyoung Shin would sculpt soap into vase shapes and then paint them like precious vases seen in museum, although she tries to make them as similar to the original vases as possible, some eagle eyed people have noticed differences, but the main giveaway is the scent of soap that accompanies the pieces. MeeKyoung Shin has also created impressive sculptures from soap so make sure you head on down to Cavendish Square for some impressive soapy sculptures!

Meek Young Shin

Last but not least the 2012 Mayor’s Thames Festival has also been confirmed to be 8-9 September with a focus on Korean art and cuisine. A ever popular event on the London calendar, the Korean corner of the Festival looks exciting as always! With events to suit the whole family, we will be seeing comedy, contemporary arts and crafts, a yummy selection of food along with live artist workshops. But the special bonus of this year’s Festival is a traditional Korean wedding celebration! We can’t wait!!!

Zea Kwanghee Kara Jiyoung Hanbok

'All Eyes on Korea' D-50The next two months also sees a series of lectures happening at the KCC entitled “Global Korea Lecture” where you can here talks about everything from Korean cuisine to Korean Pansori and Western Performer Training. A special lecture has also been added to accompany the “Korean Funerary Figures” exhibition which will be displayed at the KCC from 11 July to 8 September called “Funeral Figurines: A Unique Art Form of traditional Korea “with Dr. Charlotte Horiyck. We’ll keep you updated on how you can book yourself in for these lecture!

June is set to be a busy month with auditions, Kpop artists, Cultural Festivals and many film screenings. But this is just the beginning! July will see many music events happening by Southbank with performances from Pansori Project Za to Sarah Chang to name a few. For more information check out our previous posts here and here. As well as the on-going Year of 12 Director Film programme and exhibitions at both the KCC and Southbank.

The KCC is also giving the opportunity for volunteers to get involved! More details to come!

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