Mnet 20’s Choice to be broadcast online

Mnet 20's Choice to be broadcast online
GUYS! Don’t miss out – Mnet 20’s Choice is just a day away and you can all watch online!

<2012 Mnet SUMMER BREAK 20’s CHOICE> Live Broadcast!
Summer 2012! The best party for 20s to enjoy! Mnet 20’s CHOICE
Mnet 20’s CHOICE is the one and only summer awards that picks the 20’s trend of the year!
This year 20’s CHOICE which will be held at Banyan Tree Seoul, will be broadcasted live online. All fans are welcome to join!
Don’t forget to take part in events held throughout the live broadcast!
★When? 2012.6.28 (Blue Carpet: 5PM, Awards: 7PM KST)
2012.6.28 (Blue Carpet: 9AM, Awards: 11AM GMT)
★Online Live Broadcast
Global Mnet ( )
★Live Broadcast on Twitter

You can also participate as a viewer though a unique screen capture competition. Winning the “I AM” film and gifts? I want it :P Check out the poster above right for all the details on how to enter this.

You can still vote today, so if you’re feeling strongly about your favourite actor, actress or singers, show them your support and vote for them. Go here to find out all about the awards and who’s up for winning them.

If you have time tomorrow, tune it, it’s sure to be a fun show, and who knows, you may end up winning some cool prizes!


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