Kpop spotted on Spotify

Kpop spotted on Spotify

Spotify is a music software that allows you to stream music for free. You have millions of tracks at your finger tips and it’s all for FREE. Spotify allows you to search for music via artists or albums and then you will be given a whole catalogue of songs to choose from. It’s like having a MASSIVE music collection without all the effort.

Spotify was developed in Sweden so as expected, it would be full of mainly Western music. But after a few years, we’ve started seeing a much wider range of music available and yes you’ve guessed it, Kpop has also made it onto Spotify…

The great thing about Spotify is that it is all legal. Artists are paid via revenue from adverts (which you will experience if you are on the free membership) and the payments from premium subscriptions. Spotify also works closely with a lot of record labels and publishers to make sure all the music you listen to is legal so you never have to fear! The adverts are spaced out like what you would expect on a Radio station except you will be the one picking the playlist.

Kpop spotted on Spotify

Like another popular music software, you can create playlists for your convenient and other Kpop fans around the world have created some super awesome compilation albums chock full of Kpop goodness!! It’s like Now 95? 876? 2498767 albums for Kpop! Spotify also features a great social aspect where you can see what your friends are listening!

Kpop spotted on Spotify

Spotify will require you to download the software and log in, but the whole process is quick and simple and you can log in via Facebook to make registration even faster! The great thing about this MASSIVE music catalogue is that it can also help you discover lots of new music. Currently the Korean music catalogue is no where near as EPIC as it could be, but it’s got all the basics there, great for some Kpop newbies wanting to get more into Kpop. So far we’ve spotted all the Kpop Big Guns such as 2NE1, Superjunior, Girls’ Generation, 4Minute etc. As expected the most popular song (there are popular ratings to help you choose) is Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby; we feel like it’s becoming the Kpop Anthem of 2012! One tip is to make sure that you search for ‘K-pop’ as it will give you more results and if you can’t find your favourite artist in the Kpop lists then search via artist!

Spotify is very easy to use and they update their music catalogues with around 10,000 new tracks everyday so it’s all only a matter of time! First Kpop, then K-indie? Next Trot?

*4/07 Update: We’ve also spotted lots of KDrama OSTs on Spotify! Just search for Korean Drama!
Kpop spotted on Spotify

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