Dooub SHAKE apps

kpop shakeWe have written about the Kpop SHAKE apps many times before and we lost track after the 8th app was released. But now we are back with a super update of ALL the SHAKE apps!!! Which ones do you have and which ones are you missing? Currently there are 14 Korean music SHAKE apps available to us in the UK via iTunes but unfortunately, I think only 3 are available on android.

These SHAKE apps are basically rhythm games where you tap, slide and shake along to your favourite idol’s latest tracks. A sort of Dance Dance Revolution for your fingers. They are very addictive and can get super intense as you move up the difficulty levels. Just make sure you always have a good grip on your phone to avoid any mishaps!!!

Since the release of the first fourth apps, SHAKE has also added some extra features such as being rewarded exclusive “cards” with images of your favourite idols. This began with the T-ara SHAKE and now all SHAKE apps include this fun little “collect them all” feature. So what are the SHAKE apps available?

Dooub SHAKE apps

First up we have the Girls’ SHAKE apps. SNSD were one of the first to get the SHAKE treatment along with agency mates Superjuniors. Since then IU, T-ara, Afterschool and most recently Secret have released SHAKE apps. IU remains the only solo artist to have produced a SHAKE app and her cheery tunes are the best for some light and bouncy tapping, unless you decide to go Extreme mode.

Dooub SHAKE apps
Next up is the boys where a total of 6 boybands (and possibly a 7th or 8th) have been SHAKEn up. The first was Superband Superjunior, then MBLAQ, FT Island, CN Blue, BigBang and 2pm have all followed suit. BigBang were also very efficient in updating their app when their special edition album came out. But like all the SHAKE apps, if you want any of the latest main releases you will have to pay!

Dooub SHAKE appsWe have been careful not to call these apps Kpop apps as the SHAKE app is not exclusively for Kpop idols! We have also seen other Korean musicians featured. We have AXIZ who were contestands on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Top Band‘ which was a band audition survival show. Unfortunately they did not win but was picked up by Universal Music and have since debuted with ‘Why Don’t You Give It Up’ and is considered to be one of the most successful bands to come out of ‘Top Band’. And if they aren’t alternative enough for you guys, how about Guckkaten? A South Korean independent Rock band. From Wiki: The name ‘Guckkasten’ is German referring to ‘Chinese Kaleidoscope’. Inspired by Hague’s piece called Art and Fire, the band intends to make music with psychedelic images hidden under analogous art. Guckkasten is famous in South Korean independent band society as a psychedelic band. Definitely worth checking out and a lot hotter than what you expect a independent Rock band to look like. There is also a SHAKE app for Michelle, but we’re not really sure who this mysterious Michelle is. According to iTunes, she appeared in a reality show and is becoming a real Kpop star with her powerful voice and soul. But all songs featured on the Michelle app is free to play! A first for all the SHAKE apps!

TRAX shake gameplayAnother SHAKE app we have written about before is TRAX but we have since realised that it is not actually available in the UK :( This was the 3rd SHAKE app to be released along with IU so we’re not sure if this will change any time soon. Are there any UK TRAX fans out there?

All these apps are developed by dooub, a South Korean company that focus on connecting people through mobile and web-based applications. The Musician SHAKE Project, led by dooub, is a rhythm-action game platform for individual artists. Beginning with S.M. Entertainment musicians, dooub plans to turn the Musician SHAKE Project into a new platform for K-Pop and develop into a communication channel between fans and the artists across the world. So if you love all the dooub games, make sure you give them a like on Facebook! Most SHAKE apps also have their own Facebook page such as SNSD and T-ara who have had questionnaires and special competitions so make sure you check them out!

Last but not lease we leave you with a bit of a teaser…
A much awaited SHINEE SHAKE APP!!!

Dooub SHAKE apps

Featuring their epically awesome latest single Sherlock!!! A SHINee app has been much anticipated especially with their comeback announced some time ago and it’s finally available!!! Or is it? The above image was found on dooub’s website but it is yet to appear on iTunes! So how’s that for some exclusive news! We’ll make sure we let you all know via our Facebook page when it finally becomes available but in the mean time, we’ll be warming up our thumbs!!!


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