Park Ji-sung moving to London?

Park Ji-sung moving to London?

We have written about Park Ji-sung before and have always regarded him as one of the key players in the Manchester United team. He is often the player Sir Alex Ferguson turns to and Park has been dubbed “three lungs Park” due to his awesomeness on the field. So it was shocking news when it was recently revealed that Park might be moving to West London based Queen Park Rangers. The football journalist scene has been going crazy with new articles every hour about this possible move. We’re not all that familiar with football (although we do know the off-side rule) but currently we don’t think this is 100% officially confirmed. But things are expected to be set in stone this upcoming week and there doesn’t seem to be anything denying this shocking move.

Park Ji-sung moving to London?

It is expected that South Korea wonder boy Park Ji-sung, after 7 years at Old Trafford will be moving to London and joining QPR after being swayed by their manager’s ambitious plans for the team. Both teams have been teasing fans and saying that there will be big announcements soon so it’s only a matter of time for all to be revealed.

But before all you fangirls and fanboys get excited about Park Ji-sung’s possible move to our capital city, in a recent interview published on Park has revealed that he doesn’t like to be famous. As you can imagine, Park is a national Hero in South Korea, possibly bigger than any idol band and known by South Koreans of all ages. But Park states that he likes life in England because “I’m not as famous as in South Korea” as when he returns to South Korea he says: “I can’t do everything I want, but here I can walk everywhere and do anything. I like that“. And also that it requires him to be quite mentally strong as it is hard to deal with this superstar treatment and although he was uncomfortable with it as first, he is slowly getting used to it. We hope that if he does move to London, he will enjoy our vibrant city!

In our earlier posts, we have mentioned that Park will not be participating in the Olympic matches due to his retirement from international football. But if you are a football fan, don’t miss out on the chance to see some pre-Olympic football action with the Korea Republic vs Senegal Warm-Up Match. This will take place at Lamex Stadium, home of Stevenage FC. Tickets are only £7.50 or £2.50 for kids, an absolute bargain and will be taking place on Friday 20 July 2012. For more information check out the London Korean Times’ website.

Sources: Metro

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