K-Star Entertainment Workshop

Kpop Workshop

For a lot of you Kpop fans out there, it’s the summer holidays at the moment, which means it’s the perfect time to get out there and fully enjoy yourselves before uni or school ties you down once again. But what exciting things are in store for Kpop fans this summer?

Coming up on the 26th of July to the 10th of August is a unique and exciting workshop which will cater to those wanting to learn both Kpop dances or those who want to perfect their vocal techniques and pronunciations when busting out Kpop tunes! This workshop, called “K-Star Entertainment Workshop”, aims to help those wanting to learn more about singing and dancing through providing a range of lessons from professionals.

“K-Star Entertainment is a two-week Kpop workshop. Throughout this workshop there will be different sessions, which are tailored to the three major record labels in Korea, YG, SM and JYP. There will be vocal and dance sessions. The vocal sessions will be led by a professional vocal trainer from Korea. They will help you with the pronunciation of the language in your favourite kpop songs as well as giving you vocal advise. The dance sessions will be led by a professional choreographer who will teach some of the famous kpop dances. People of all abilities can enter these workshops.” Quote from the website

K-Star Workshop is sponsored by the Korea Tourism Organisation, and is linked with Visit Korea YearBuzz Korea and Go Korea. As this workshop has such big sponsorship, there is an amazing opportunity for a free trip to Korea for the winners of a dancing and vocal competition at the end of the two weeks!

“At the end of this workshop we have 2 very exciting competitions – One dance competition and one vocal competition. The prize up for grabs is a three-night stay in Korea, which includes a return ticket and accommodation. Depending on when the winner decides to go to Korea there could be the opportunity for them to visit Music Bank and Music Core! Every kpop fan’s dream!” Quote from the website

Free flights? Free accommodation? Possibly going to MuBank and MuCore? Yes please! This trip would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and we’re sure this competition will be a great way to round off the workshop and show off your newly tuned skills.

The timetable for the two week workshop has already been planned out and sounds amazing!

Kpop Workshop Timetable

Check website for more details

As you can see, each day is carefully structured to incorporate not only singing and dancing, but Korean crafts to help attendees to widen their knowledge of Korean culture too. Also on the schedule each day is noraebang, which will be free for public entry. That’s right, free noraebang for each day of the workshop for everyone! What a perfect way to end each day!

Applications for this workshop are on a first come, first served basis, so the sooner you apply, the more likely it is you can get a place for your desired session and day. There are no restrictions on who can apply for a place as the focus is on getting people to follow their passion for Kpop. For more details and application forms, please see the links below, or look on the website. Full terms and conditions about the workshop can be read here.
Kpop Workshop Application
Dance applications click here | Vocal applications click here
The people who will be carrying out the workshops are all fully trained professionals, so this workshop will provide chances to be taught by some very talented people.
Kpop Workshop Trainers

These trainers have worked with some really big names such as SNSD’s Taeyeon, f(x)’s Luna, and SuJu’s Shindong. Looking at their profiles, you can see they’re all very experienced, so learning from them will be an extremely valuable experience. Their full credentials can be seen on the website.

This will no doubt be a fantastic opportunity for anyone who attends, so don’t delay and sign up asap! There’s so much you could learn and do, so many new people to meet, and of course we’re sure it will be amazingly fun!

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