La Chun Hyang by Kim Geung Soo Ballet Company

La Chun Hyang by Kim Geung Soo Ballet Company

Londoners are really being spoilt this summer as there is yet another FREE event for all Korea fans! Next Thursday 19 July 2012 sees the Peacock Theatre (by Holborn) host an afternoon (3pm) and an evening (7:30pm) showing of La Chun Hyan performed by Korean company Kim Geung Soo Ballet Company. Kim Geung Soo himself is the choreographer of the show and the music will be composed by Jung So young.

Admission is free and all you need to do is RSVP via their Facebook event 3pm or 7:30pm or via email on if you are not a Facebooker. But please only RSVP if you are definitely going to ensure everyone gets a fair chance of enjoying the show!

La Chun Hyang by Kim Geung Soo Ballet Company

The Production: Chun Hyang, the title of this production, is a heroine fromChun Hyang Jeon, considered to be a classic Korean tale that all Koreans know. She risks her life to protect her chastity for the sake of her betrothed.And one of the reasons why this story was chosen for this production is because Chun Hyang represents Korean women’s nobility of chastity and this can be a comparative exploration of Renaissance England and 19th century Korea for modern English audience… This production wants to highlight that despite the chronological and geographical distances between them, Renaissance England and 19th century Korea share several significant socio-historical similarities, as both were societies in transition from the medieval to the modern world.

Another aim of this love story is to give warm emotion to touch British audience who has a similar cultural background with Korean throughout the history. The story makes a lot of reference to themes seen in Shakespeare’s classics for example: Chun Hyang can be compare with Shakespeare’s characters Isabella in Measure for Measure which central to his play is the question of what kind of sexual conduct is socially acceptable and what is not. Chun Hyang shows a women’s sacrificial life for egoism of male, moral prejudice and social convention… For a more in-depth description click here.

La Chun Hyang by Kim Geung Soo Ballet Company

The choreographer Kim Geung Soo has adapted this dance piece to explore what would happen if Chun Hyang lived in this era. This production features modernised dance and like Matthew Bourne’s new production of the infamous Swan Lake, the dance has been updated to appeal to a modern audience. Here we will see La Chun Hyang transformed from the classic Chun Hyang Jeon into contemporary tale with a well-knit plot and spectacular stage. La Chun Hyang is rooted by the story of Chun Hyang Jeon, which is every Korean knows, but there is more than the classic. This is based on a secret story of Chun Hyang that nobody knows but the dancers and choreographer. Intriguing!

The Story:

La Chun Hyang by Kim Geung Soo Ballet CompanyFor endless love, she refuses authority’s bed service and sequent on wealth and honour. She was waiting for love without hope while she was in a jail. We all know how hard she must be and make great effort for the love.

This modern adaptation sees Chun Hyang removed from traditional settings and standing amongst skyscrapers, wearing mini skirts and high heels. In the vibrant and neon lit city of Seoul, we will meet Chun Hyang’s lover Mong Ryong and Hak Do, a president of an entertainment management company who is charmed by Chun Hyang’s beauty. But Chun Hyang and Mong Ryong are deeply in love with each other causing Hak Do to nurse jealously against their love.

Unexpectedly, (or shall we say predictably) something comes up causing Mong Ryong to leave Chun Hyang’s side. Before long, we see Chun Hyang audition for Hak Do’s entertainment company (we can kind of see where this is going…) We see Chun Hyang go through the auditions successfully and win first place. But it’s not a happy win as we see Hak Do pursue her aggressively. How will it all end?

La Chun Hyang by Kim Geung Soo Ballet CompanyThis sounds like a brilliantly adapted production and very relevant to current times. With all these auditions happening in the UK, it is a concept that many of us Korea fans are familiar with. Also with the many entertainment industry scandals happening all over the world right now, not just Korea, this is a plot that will definitely speak to today’s audiences.

La Chun Hyang has already won 3 awards, one of them being Korea Ballet Foundation’s Best Dance Production of the Year. And here you will get the chance to see this production for free! So what are you waiting for?

This ballet production La Chun Hyang blends dance, style, humour and beautiful emotion of love to create a provocative and powerful Chun Hang for our time. We believe that this ballet production can operate a window to the British audience to feel Korean’s emotion. In addition, British audience can enjoy this compulsive viewing of new mixed Korean and Western style ballet. RSVP now: 3pm or 7:30pm showing

(images credit to Kim Geung Soo Ballet Facebook)

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