Kpop Olympics

Kpop Olympics

Kpop OlympicsFeeling like there’s just too much sport on your TVs at the moment? Can’t get away from the tennis or swimming? Never fear, Mnet is here to bring you the alternative Kpop Olympics!

★ 2012 Mnet KPOP IDOL STAR OLYMPICS ★ 2012 KPOP STAR OLYMPIC is happening @ NOW!
Current ranking is:
1) Kim Hyun Joong
2) Super Junior
3) FTIsland
5) f(x)
6) SHINee
9) Girls Generation
10) Bigbang

Agree or disagree with the current ranking? Other people in the ranking include DBSK, Jay Park, Jang Keun Suk and more! So get voting now for your favorite Kpop stars!


*Enter BOTH events to get your chance of winning goodies from!

There are two events where you can try to make your favourite idol a Kpop Idol Champion!

The first one is the “Star Tracking Championship”, where you will be able to get your favourite star’s news in real time and the most ‘tracked’ idol will win the Gold Medal. So subscribe to your favourite idol now!

Kpop Olympics

The second event is the “Idol Kpop Idol Championship”. In this event, choose your favourite idol, post about them through SNS and you may be able to win prizes!

Kpop Olympics

There are some funky prizes available for this event, so don’t miss out! For more information make sure you check out the official Mnet Kpop Star Championship page here. Keep track on all the latest news on your idol, help your idol win medals AND win prizes yourself! What more could you ask for!
Mnet Global Olympics

*Please note that entry into this game will require a simple registration. Good luck to all the idols!


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