Kingston Korean Festival

Kingston Korean Festival Musicians

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This weekend,11th August, sees the return of the annual Kingston Korean Festival! This Festival celebrates Korean culture through food, dance, costumes, traditions, and yes, you guessed it, Kpop! The event will take place over this weekend, from 10am-7pm at The Fairfield, Kingston Town Centre. This event is organised by the Korean Residents Society.

Last year, the Festival saw a huge opening parade, taekwondo displays and beautiful traditional Korean fan dances. The festival also has a huge array of food available, so this will be a ‘must go to event’ for every Korean food fan. This year again, you can expect to be going home with a very full belly!

Kingston Korean Festival Foodstall

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As well as the traditional, there are also modern Korean influences that can be seen at the Festival. This year, a special display by the ‘Let’s Learn Kpop’ Dance and Vocal Workshops’ will be put on with attendees specially chosen by Ki Wang the dance instructor and Dong Sik the vocal instructor. Don’t miss out! There is still time to take part in this special performance, more details can be found on this Facebook event. There should be lots of modern dance and singing throughout the festival, so Kpop fans, head on down for a fun day out!

Kingston Korean Festival Traditional Dance

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This festival will appeal to young and old, as there are both traditional cultural aspects and modern influences. Whether you know lots about Korean culture, or just fancy a fun weekend event, this is sure to be a great Festival with lots to see and do!

How to get there:
Fairfield Road, Kingston , Greater London KT1 2PY
You can take a train to Kingston from London Waterloo with trains every 1/2 hour
Fairfield is just a 20 minute walk from Kingston rail station.
Kingston Korean Festival

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