MCM Bus and Bus Tour

All Kpop fans are probably familiar with this little German brand of luxury leather goods. It’s the fashion of Kpop idols and a must have accessory for those very, very important airport fashion moments! One of the many appeals of Kpop is the concepts and how the singers always come back with a new trend and image, but this leads to artists having their wardrobes preplanned for them, never giving them a chance to show off their own personal style. Airport fashion moments are very big in South Korea as it’s the moment an artist can show off their own personal style to some extent. But this can also be pressurising for idols – flying can be strenuous and when we fly, we’re all in baggy comfy clothing. Idols, such as the adorable IU, have been called out on their comfy fashions in airports before. Now all Kpop idols strive to have the perfect airport catwalk moment.

MCM Bus and Bus Tour

We first noticed the MCM brand when global superstar Rain, 비, started donning the backpacks. Last year Rain even popped into our very own London MCM store! One of the very lucky members of KCMassive GOT A HUG and an autographed phone case. Then the YG crew got in on the MCM hype with GD seen donning the red backpack and 2NE1 taking it that one step further with some crazy origami jackets. Nowadays it’s practically part of the Kpop uniform, at least one person from each band seems to have a MCM backpack. From Veterans like DBSK with both Changmin and Yunho being proud owners of a MCM backpack to idols such as MBLAQ, 4Minute, Beast, T-ara even rookies such as B1A4, Teen Top (are they still rookies?) and of course the Epic EXO are all members of the MCM gang.

MCM Bus and Bus Tour

MCM Bus and Bus TourIf like us, you love the MCM brand but cannot afford a sexy backpack, then never fear, come cry your woes with us on the MCM BUS!!! Some of you may have noticed it driving around London looking all fabulous, but did you know you can actually ride this amazingly pimped out bus FOR FREE? Last weekend after a very cultural day at the Korea house, we walked over to MCM to cry over the window displays when LOW AND BEHOLD! THE MCM BUS standing there in all it’s glory!!! The super friendly and proud bus driver and MCM lady let us go onto the bus; it was MAGICAL. First of all a little fun fact, this MCM bus used to be a full on working route master. If you do a little search on flickr for the license plate number, you’ll see many pictures of the bus in it’s original glory. Stepping into the bus was like stepping into another super awesome luxurious party dimension. Everything was pimped out in the MCM monogram from seats, poles (for holding not dancing… we hope) and an amazing TV display.

You can try on the cool MCM hats and check out the latest bags in their collectors range. And if that wasn’t enough excitement for a bus journey, the upstairs has even been COMPLETELY pimped out along with a mini bar area. This was not a ordinary bus, it is the Rolls Royce of buses. We would happily sit all day and chill in this swanky upper deck bar and sip champagne whilst we stroke our MCM clutch bags. If only someone would make this dream come true…

Now we can hear you screaming at the computer screen ‘how do you get on this bus?’. The MCM bus is part of the Modern Mobility Project, which aims to celebrate the evolution of cultural and iconic methods of transport in cosmopolitan destinations worldwide, and also has the aim of discovering the best of art in London. Between the 2-13 of August the MCM bus is offering you a free journey to London’s best museums! However, you do need to apply to get on the tour. Details below.

The Bus Tour and Schedule 
MCM (everyday the MCM bus will be making the following stops)
Saatchi Gallery : 10:00, 13:15, 16:30
V & A : 10:45, 14:00, 17:15
Wallace Collection : 11:30, 14:45 18:00 (drop off only)
Tate Modern : 12:15, 15:30
A more detailed schedule can be found here. To apply to go on the tour please visit the MCM website. Please note, at the moment it says places are full, but keep checking back to see if space becomes available!
With the Olympics happening in our great capital, all galleries are featuring amazing exhibitions, there’s something for everyone! Go get cultured and do it in Kpop Idol STYLE! We at Korean Class MASSIVE recommend the Saatchi Gallery which is currently holding the Korean Eye Exhibition, keep an eye out on a review soon!

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