MBC’s 2012 College Musicians Festival

MBC's 2012 College Musicians FestivalKorea is well known for its music, whether it’s Kpop to the traditional. For those of you out there with a passion for music and are music students currently in college, there’s an amazing opportunity coming up for you. The College Musicians Festival, which is now in its 36th year, is for the first time ever opening up its doors to foreign college students, and giving them a special stage where they can showcase their talents. The College Musicians Festival aims to encourage the creativity of music students and give them an opportunity to show their talents.

This is a specialised competition where the participant who makes it through to the final will have all expenses paid by MBC. That’s all expenses as in flights, accommodation etc – the works! The judging process is very strict and contestants must fit certain requirements and be very skilled in their areas. To enter, college music students must have composed their own original song, as well as covering a song.

All details of the competition, and the application form link, can be found on their official website here, and a quick look at what it’s all about and the requirements can be seen below.

MBC's 2012 College Musicians Festival MBC's 2012 College Musicians Festival
The application process seems pretty straight forward. You have to fill out an application form and upload your own piece and your cover onto youtube. The closing date for applications is the 3rd September, so don’t delay!

All questions about entry, what you need to do, and anything else you want to be clear on should be sent to 2012cmf@mbc.co.kr. There is also a handy FaceBook page to find out all the latest information on this competition, and the official twitter account for this competition is @2012_MBC_CMF

This seems like a great opportunity for music students, and a chance to get some of your own compositions heard by the public. Good luck to all those entering!


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