All Age Kpop night August 2012

All Age Kpop Night LondonThe summer holidays are coming to an end for many young Kpop fans, but I’m sure many would name the 2nd All Age Kpop Party as a highlight! We arrived just before the start time of 6pm and saw many people already queueing up. It even started raining, but people remained very hyped and cheerful with many passer-bys asking what was happening. This time round, the event was completely sold out, proving the popularity of Kpop in the UK and the need for more Kpop events. Kpop fans need to get their groove on!

Security at this event was a lot higher to ensure all those under 18 were safe, showing that this was the perfect event for all ages, as even parents could feel safe letting their children go. When we entered the club, the music was already on full blast and the atmosphere was heaving. Upon arrival, we were greeted by some Big Bang and EXO *thumbs up* A good start to the night for everyone! As promised, there were some great performances in store. They started a bit later then scheduled due to the MASSIVE amount of attendees and organisers did their best to make sure everyone was in before performances started.

First to perform was Olesia with her new dance team Hanuri. Hanuri is a newly formed dance team with the aim to promote Korean and underground street dance culture in the UK. Olesia and 3 other Hanuri members performed one of the Kpop summer hits of the year Like This by Kpop royalty the Wondergirls. It was a energetic and flawless performance; the Hanuri girls were super smiley and really got the crowds going! Hanuri is definitely a team to watch out for in the future as the Hanuri team also includes professional dancers from South Korea and you’ll be able to see them in future performances soon. Second to be in the spotlight was the super brave Hebe who danced solo. She performed an impressive medley of many of our favourite Kpop tunes! It was mindblowing how one person can know so many dances! A MASSIVE round of applause to all the time and effort she must have put in. Did we mention how brave she was to be dancing ALONE in front of such a huge audience? *applause*

Last but not least was the original London Kpop dance team the LOKOs! This is their first official public performance and what’s more, they had a whole team of proteges!!! The performance was epic, it all started with an atmospheric intro with the LOKO Mama centre stage. They too performed a remix and each song was met with deafening screams. Our favourite part had to be F(X)’s latest track Electric shock. The formation was immaculate and had everyone in the crowd jumping! The LOKOs recently had their 1st Birthday workshop and have really come a long way in these 12 months. This performance just shows how hard they work and how they deserve all the success in the world!

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All the amazing performances left everyone in a high and even though the club was steaming hot, the whole club was heaving and the atmosphere was electric! As promised, many great Kpop tracks were played and what’s more, the music was fed down to the chill out lounge downstairs to ensure you never missed your favourite tune! Something we really appreciated when we felt the need to chill but didn’t wanna miss Gangnam style!

All Age Kpop night August 2012The DJs were amazing as usual. They listened to the crowds and the selection of music was impressive! Thumbs up to whoever decided to throw in some Jpop with Pon Pon Pon! We loved all the special little touches they did to make sure party goers had a good time. For example, when we entered the club, they avoided playing the big Kpop hits until more people were in the club to ensure no one missed their favourite track! So sweet! And like the last night, they listened to the crowds and fulfilled requests! But with great discipline, as otherwise they would have been playing Gangnam style on repeat! They must have great Jedi skills to be able to keep demanding Kpop fans so calm and happy all night!!!

All Age Kpop night August 2012

The night seemed like a MASSIVE success. There were people of all ages, races and genders reflecting the universal appeal of Kpop in the UK. This event was sold out and the amount of Kpop lovers in the club was insane! A huge round of applause should be given to Alvin and the Team Invasian for organising such a well received event and for satisfying Kpop fans’ needs to bust out some Kpop moves! With the huge success of only their 2nd event, we’re sure that Team Invasian will be encouraged to keep these good times rolling! The only thing we ask for is a bigger venue, as we can only see these events getting bigger than ever!


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