CN Blue Interview

CN Blue22nd September looks like a busy Saturday for UK Kpop fans as we have two big events happening. First, we have the SBS Kpop Star auditions. You still have some time to send in your applications, so don’t forget! This is your chance to be part of the top 3 agencies of South Korea, with the possibility of becoming a Kpop Star!

Then in the evening, we have the much anticipated CN Blue concert! With just over a week to wait, the lovely PR company has asked CN Blue a few questions on all the UK fangirls behalf! Check it out:

Is this the first time you will be visiting the UK?

Yes, it’s very first time to visit UK.

What are you expecting from your UK fans?
Every time on the stage, we hope to enjoy the show with the audience. Same in UK.

What is you are most excited about doing a concert in the UK?
Meeting with UK fans for the first time itself is the most exciting part. Hope everyone can have fun there together.

How do you think audiences in the UK will respond to your music?
They may not sing along every songs, but we’ll try to communicate and interact with audience through music, the universal language. So, hope everyone to have fun.

CN Blue 2What do you think makes you different to other acts currently in the UK charts?
I think it might be the progression of Korean style melodic lines that gives some exotic impression.

Which bands have influenced you as musicians
Maroon5, Bon Jovi, Oasis, Jason Mraz, Rolling Stones, there are many musicians we are into.

Are you hoping to visit any UK landmarks or attractions whilst you are in England.
Tower Bridge is the one to visit. Also, we would like to visit Abbey Road to fill up our fever for the Beatles.

CN Blue, as chilled as ever. We can’t wait for some epic Yonghwa Engrish on stage! *fingers crossed* We hope that all UK fans will give them a great first impression and reception at the intimate IndigO2 venue. And if you happen to be in the Tower Bridge or Abbey Road area that weekend, make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

The CN Blue concert will be on 22nd September at IndigO2, with doors opening at 6pm. Standing tickets are still available via ticketmaster. For more information on CN Blue, check out our blog post.

CN Blue in London!


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