Kpop Segment to be aired on British TV

Psy Gangnam Style UK Metro NewspaperThe popularity of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ has really brought Kpop to the attention of the world’s media. We’ve had it played on British Radio stations like Radio1, have seen it in the newspapers like the Metro, and now we’ll be seeing British TV take up the baton!

That’s right, this Sunday, you’ll be able to see a Kpop segment featured on TV! The Channel 4 program, Sunday Brunch, which is a fun show filled with cooking, chat and guests, will be taking a look at the spreading popularity of Kpop around the world and in the UK. Sparked off by the viral popularity of ‘Gangnam Style’, the show’s producers looked into Psy and Kpop in general. What they found was that Kpop has been on the rise over the last decade and is becoming a force to be reckoned with. It’s rising popularity worldwide was something they thought would make a fun and interesting topic to air on a Sunday morning.

Catch Tammy Loko on TV

Catch Tammy Loko on TV

However, they won’t just be talking about it – the presenters will be trying their hands at dancing! The amazing LoKos (London Kpop Dance workshop) will be on hand to teach the presenters a few moves. This will surely be worth tuning in for. Mama LoKo, or Tammy, will be chatting about Kpop in general and helping Tim and Simon become the next big idols stars by teaching them popular Kpop dance moves.

Sunday Brunch is aired on Channel 4 at 10am. The Kpop segment should be on around 11am, however the schedule isn’t finalised yet, so to be safe, switch your TVs on and tune in from the 10am start!

Good luck to the LoKos! We know you’ll do a brilliant job!


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