Selfridges – Kpop and LG

LG LogoUnlike Samsung, LG is a slightly less known Korean brand. But did you know back when flat screen televisions were first introduced, LG was one of the only companies that had the technology to manufacture the television screens, which were then sold to all the top brands such as Sony and Samsung. A little fun fact from a very, very old episode of the Gadget Show!

Selfridges - Kpop and LG

LG is second to Samsung as a top corporation in South Korea that produces a vast range of items from televisions, white goods, to mobile phones! Now what does the two letters “LG” mean and where did it come from? Back in 1947, LG corporation founder Koo In Hwoi established Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial corp (Lak-Hui is pronounced Lucky!) which became the first Korean company to enter the plastic industry. As the company grew, it established another company, Goldstar, which produced South Korea’s first radio and many other consumer electronics. LG combined these two companies Lak-Hui and Goldstar in 1958, and that’s how LG was born. LG also represents the corporation’s tagline Life’s Good. Fun Fact: Did you know that under the brand name Lucky, LG also produced hygiene products such as soap and toothpaste and even today, you can see LG laundry detergent which is only available in South Korea.

Selfridges - Kpop and LG

Now why are we talking about LG? Well, with the brand expanding in the UK, we stumbled upon a little LG corner at Selfridges. In this little cove, you are surrounded by the brilliantly bright screens of LG. And to our happy surprise, all screens suddenly started blasting out Super Junior, the Kpop boyband legends! A especially made “Mr Simple” MV was perfect for LG to demonstrate the amazing colour quality and it was great to see the boys in HD we must say! The catchy tune and pretty colours made quite a few people look over but it was only when SNSD’s “The Boys” came on, that made quite a few passer-bys stop and stay to appreciate the “screens” :D

Another video that we managed to catch was 2NE1’s “I’m the Best”. So next time you are in Selfridges at Oxford Street, why not pop downstairs to the electronics department and check it out. But please be respectful, as tempting as it is to turn this little cove into a disco, one must always be considerate to other shoppers. Also make sure you let us know what music videos you managed to catch!

Suju F(x) Selfridges 3


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