CN Blue 1st London concert!

Firstly, thank you all for waiting!!

CN Blue London 5
CN Blue have just successfully completed their very first EUROPEAN concert, right here in London! And we at KCM have been lucky enough to get tickets. Honestly speaking, we weren’t that big fans of CN Blue, but after Saturday night we can safely say that has changed!

Arriving at the O2 knowing that fans had been queuing up from as early as 7.30 in the morning, we were expecting a rather large queue, but what we were faced with was more than we imagined for the venue. Not only was there a coiling line along the right side of the O2, but it went all the way behind the Ravensbourne building and on.

After eventually getting into the venue, you could feel the excitement from the crowd as they screamed and chanted CN Blue over and over again waiting for them to appear on stage and the rest of the audience to get in.


A shout out to these amazing fans for waving at the camera!

When CN Blue finally came out on stage, grabbed their guitars, bass, drum sticks and started straight into a song, the crowd went wild! Jumping up and down to try and get a better look at their biases. Being RIGHT at the front, we managed to get some great pictures before we had to move!


This being the first Korean live music concert attended by the MASSIVE, we didn’t know what to expect. So when CN Blue tore up the stage with all their guitar, bass and drum skills, head banging, and Yonghwa’s screams, we knew that we were in for a treat! Listening to their songs on your iPod or computer does not do them justice. The power and projection Yonghwa had over his voice during the two hour concert was amazing! Not only did they rock it out, but they calmed us down with some ballads as well. Jonghyun’s soft melodious voice was just what was needed after the pounding Yonghwa had given the audience. This is when we could really appreciate their individual voices and hear how well the music complimented them.

CN Blue is a group of not only talented musicians, but very talented all round artists. They played their respective instruments so fluidly that it was like rocking out to the songs at home on FULL BLAST, only with CN Blue right there with you!

Saturday’s concert was not only special just because it was CN Blue’s first European concert, but only seven days before Lee Jungshin celebrated his 21st birthday, so everyone in the audience sang him the birthday song! Only to laugh and aww at his reply “I’m so happy. I’m so happy.”.

Now for some funny pictures! ;p

And finally goodbye. Until next time!



For the full album click here.

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