Psy Press Conference

Psy Gangnam Style Press Conference SeoulA couple of us are currently in South Korea and were lucky enough to be invited to Psy’s first press conference after his return from the US. Psy arrived back in South Korea in the early hours of the morning of the 25th, and over 200 press had gathered in Gangnam for one of the longest press conferences ever!

It was amazing to get the chance to see Psy in person and in a professional light. On stage Psy is a epic performer but off stage he is a cool, chilled and down to earth professional who was charming and charismatic. Dozens of cameras were set up in the conference hall and everyone was excited to see Psy. Press were fighting to ask Psy questions and although there were mostly Korean journalists, there were a few foreign media dashed about (like us), and Psy answered their questions in English and translated them to Korean for the Korean press himself. What a dude!

Psy’s American stint seemed extremely positive, with many people calling him Global star. While in the US he appeared on many famous American television shows, such as ‘The Ellen Show’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’. He was also caught on camera quite often wining and dining with a whole variety of different celebs. As Psy’s American travels had brought his name into the international light so much, his first press conference upon his return to South Korea was a huge deal, and the reason for the huge amount of press presence and the length of the conference.


As time with Psy during this conference was at a premium, it was a hot battleground for the various press outlets who had to fight to get their questions to the man of the moment. Coming back to an overwhelming response from his home media with a MASSIVE amount of people interested in learning about his thoughts and feelings over his current global success, Psy was thanked for doing his country proud and helping South Korea get more noticed in the international media by the first journalist to speak (shout).

Psy Press Conference

As well as media from South Korea, there were also a number of foreign media present at the press conference, eager to ask Psy about this current sensational hit ‘Gangnam Style’. France has apparently come up with a deep analysis of ‘Gangnam Style’. When asked to explain what were his intentions for this song, Psy said he was embarrassed. This song was written during a hot July and his aim was to make a funny song to entertain people; it had no deep social meaning. He wanted to make a fun video so people would find it humorous. At the end of the day, he just wanted lots of classy ladies to go crazy for him, just like any average man basically.

Psy first uploaded his video onto YouTube for the South Korean audience, but then his manager told him of the response he was receiving and when he checked, he saw comments in English and many languages he didn’t even understand. It was when the likes of our very own Robbie Williams and Britney Spears started tweeting and mentioning it that he thought he had to go over to the US. Psy said that throughout his 11 year career, he has been an artist who has concentrated on the lyrics. However, American audiences do not understand the song as it is still in Korean and Psy performs the song in Korea. Even so, Psy said he greatly appreciated the foreign audiences singing his lyrics even though they didn’t understand the meanings as it showed him just how much people were willing to embrace him and his music and even inspiring them to make the effort to learn the pronunciation.

It was clear that Psy was very thankful of all his fans, and he mentioned that he loved all the covers of ‘Gangnam Style’ that had been uploaded. He was a great guy and clearly the Korean Press were enamoured with him as many rounds of applause were sent out during the conference. Even though we couldn’t understand all of his answers (we wish we were that fluent in Korean!), we could see how much Psy was enjoying everything. Ever the performer, on his way out, Psy Gangnam Styled his way out of the conference hall, much to the delight of everyone present. Psy is a truly epic and lovely guy, and deserves all his success. Here’s to hoping he pays a visit to the UK again!


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