Palace Wharf Studios, Open Studio

Have any of you ever wondered what an artists studio looked like? Would there be paint pots, brushes, canvases and sketches covering the floor and walls. Splashes of paint on the walls and half completed paintings sitting on easels. Well we have, and were lucky enough to be invited – by our favourite London based Korean artist Francesca Cho! It being an Open Studio at the time, we were unable to see the studios in their full work mode glory. However we did manage to see all the paintings, sketches, photographs, instalments and sculptures displayed in rather neat studios.

Open Studios Francesca Cho

Unfortunately this years Open Studio is now over. But don’t worry, this is an annual event so will be back on this time next year! To keep updated about future exhibitions, like the studios page on Facebook here.

Francesca Cho
You may remember our previous article on Francesca Cho’s exhibition A Pair of Fragile Glasses where we gave you a brief history about her and a description and explanation of some painting and the methods she uses in her pieces. To no surprise, we found some more ash based paintings and rose petals; this is slowly becoming her trademark in our eyes.

The Pieces

Open Studios Francesca Cho 2For those of you who remember, Vive La Rose was inspired by the British 11th November Memorial Day.

“The petals represent a sort of mortality and the fragility of life; continuing with Francesca’s theme as like the ash, these petals are fragile and vulnerable yet represent a strong existence and meaning.”

This time Francesca has added two full sized mirrors on either side of her installation, a row of ash with fallen rose petals and changed the background painting. The mirrors enhance the visual display and the painting completely changes the feel of the installation.

Open Studios Francesca Cho 3Untitled 2010
This painting is fairly dark and mysterious at first glance which fits in with her concept of“Deep sorrow is ultimately peace and deep misery is ultimately joy.”. The dark oddly shaped circles at the top are painted over rose petals. Completely embedded into this dark painting the petals still show their beauty and are only strengthened by the paint encasing them. Could Francesca be trying to tell us that we (as people) start out fragile, but through the lives we lead and the hardships we all face we only become stronger and more beautiful.

Open Studios Francesca Cho 4

Lip service, a phrase we all know too well. We have all known those people who say something without realising the effect their words can have on people. Francesca painted a beautiful pair of lips here, then practically covered it with ash representing all the pain these people inflict with their words. A very simple yet powerful piece.

A quick look at some other artists at Palace Wharf.

Nicholas Rena

Open Studios Francesca Cho 5

I’ll rise to you, as the dew rises, who walked between the violet and the violet.

Open Studios Francesca Cho 6

Hiroko Imada

Hiroko used handmade paper for this piece (left). She shaped the sheets before dying them different colours and arranging them into this display. As She Flies (right) created with the lithography method using plywood.

Click here for full photo album.
The Open Studio was very cool and we definitely suggest that you attend if you have the chance next year. Sadly, we could not visit all the studios due to a very busy weekend, but there is always next year! This is the chance to see artists in a less formal atmosphere and see the pieces in their birth place. We would like to thank Francesca for taking the time to talk to us as usual. It’s always so fascinating to hear about her thoughts and feelings behind her meaningful pieces!

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