Korean Adventures: Cheonggyecheon

Cheonggyecheon dayOur first destination on our tour the following day was Cheonggyecheon Stream. This 5.8km stream, which runs through down town Seoul, was once covered by a road, but has since been unearthed as part of a renewal program.

The stream is below street level, with wide pavements on either side, so you can walk the length of it and feel you’re tucked away from the bustling street above. There’s a lot of vegetation along the stream, which gives it a wonderful natural feel. The stream itself is so clean, you can even see fishes swimming around! If this same type of stream were to be developed in London, we have an inkling it may not be so clean…

Cheonggyecheon stepping stonesYou’ll also notice a lot of Skyscapers at the beginning of the stream, like a Korean Canary Wharf. This is because of the excellent feng shui; it is believed that with mountains behind you and water ahead of you, it will bring you great fortune. So this area between the stream and the mountains behind Gyeongbukgung is considered a very prosperous area.

Cheonggyecheon nightBecause of it’s natural beauty, the stream also attracts a lot of couples, and this is particularly noticeable at night. If you’re in Seoul with a special someone, be sure to check it all lit up at night! It’s also a great place to chill out generally throughout the day. You can use it as a scenic way to walk from one area of Seoul to another. We visited this area in both day time and at night and loved it. There’s a really different vibe to the area depending what time of day you go, both equally great. Don’t forget to try your hand at throwing coins into a special wishing well area near the beginning of the stream. We managed to get a few coins in (along with applause from a few ahjussis) and feel like our dreams really did come true! (Cheesy we know). Cheonggyecheon is a breathtaking attraction and very unique to Seoul. We think it’s a definite must see for all visitors to South Korea.


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