Oppan LONDON Style Trafalgar flashmob


Oppan LONDON Style Trafalgar flashmobThis Saturday saw over 300 people gather at London’s iconic Trafalgar Square to get their GANGNAM STYLE on! This is probably one of the biggest fan organised flashmobs to happen in London and it was such an EPIC moment to see such a MASSIVE crowd dance ‘Gangnam Style’ in front of the National Gallery. This event has been in the works for weeks and after a lot of time and effort by the Invasian team; they deserve a MASSIVE high five for all their hard work! This is no doubt one of the most successful flashmobs in London! The flashmob was executed with some dashing UK charm and style. A lot of people turned up in the classy Gangnam style, but we have to say, the best dressed goes to this amazing guy. A kilt always wins; hands down.

We hope that Psy gets wind of all his enthusiastic fans in London and he keeps his promise of visiting us as  he reached number one. ‘Gangnam Style’ has also already been featured in all the Live studio X Factor shows so far (first Dermot then Rylan). Where could ‘Gangnam Style’ be featured next?!

This flashmob was covered by Korean broadcasters KBS who have decided to make a documentary detailing the following of K-pop in London. So South Korea could possibly be witnessing some London styling on their TV screens soon! A MASSIVE round of applause for all those who took part and represented! You were amazing!

For more photos from the flashmob make sure you check out our Facebook page and we should also have our video up on Youtube soon!

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