Big Bang Live at Wembley, London

Big Bang Live at Wembley, London

Big Bang Live at Wembley, LondonIt’s finally happening! The BIG Kpop news of the moment is of course, the amazing announcement that BigBang will be holding a leg of their worldwide ‘Alive Galaxy Tour’ in London. VIPS REJOICE! After months and months of guessing and whispers, YG has finally announced that BigBang will be coming to London. UK fans everywhere were finally able to celebrate knowing that Christmas has come early this year and we’ll finally be able to see this FANTASTIC group live on our shores. Even though London was mentioned in the official ‘Alive’ tour trailer, fans know never to take anything for granted until an actual date is set. But now it’s officially confirmed, December 15th 2012 is the date! So clear those diaries folks

Wembley ArenaBigBang will be playing at the iconic Wembley Arena, making this concert the biggest Kpop concert to be held in the UK to date. The capacity of Wembley Arena is 12,500 people, which is a MASSIVE amount of people. With past Kpop concerts selling out quickly at much smaller venues, it will be interesting to see how fast tickets will be snapped up for BigBang. Doubtless, tickets will go like hotcakes as not only will UK fans be logging on, but BigBang’s huge fan base in Europe will also be joining in with the mad rush for tickets. London is the first European city on the tour and with BigBang’s worldwide fanbase, many VIPs are sure to make the journey over to London for a chance to see them live as from past “worldwide” tours experiences, there may not be another European city on the list. It will also be interesting to see whether many new Kpop fans will come to this concert. With the recent Psy craze in the UK and BigBang being a label mate, will those who enjoyed Psy take an interest BigBang too?

In terms of ticket sales, tickets will be available through Ticket Master and Live Nation. Although tickets go on sale this week, there are different days you can start purchasing depending on if you’re able to take advantage of any of the priority tickets opportunities.

O2 Priority: A limited amount of tickets will be available for those with O2 Priority. These tickets go on sale from 9:00am Wednesday, October 24th. The maximum amount of tickets you can buy with O2 Priority is normally 6 tickets, but it may be less for this concert. O2 Priority ticket sales end at 8:00am, Friday October 26th. The FAQ for O2 Priority can be read here and you can register here. Any O2 mobile customer can register for O2 Priority and it is a FREE service for existing customers because O2 are nice like that.

Live Nation PresaleLive Nation’s pre-sale tickets will be on sale from 9:00am Thursday, October 25th. You can take advantage of Live Nation’s pre-sales by registering with their site, and if you want more details on how to buy pre-sale tickets once you’ve registered, look here.

General Sales: From 9:00am Friday, October 26th, general sale tickets will be available from both Live Nation and Ticket Master. 

As of now, Ticket Master has prices for tickets listed as either £66.50 (£60.00 Ticket + £6.50 Fees), or £99.00 (£90.00 Ticket + £9.00 Fees).

There’s also some venue info that people should be aware of before booking tickets. Ticket Master has this handy advice for us, particularly important for those who might not have a head for heights:

Please be advised that Wembley Arena seating is divided into bays:
– Block E represents the East Terrace. Higher rows may not be suitable for patrons who cannot manage steps or who are unhappy with heights.
– Blocks N and S are within the tiered, side seating of the Arena. Even numbered bays (i.e. N6) are in the lower tier; odd numbered bays (i.e. N7) will be in the upper tier.
-Upper Tier seats are not suitable for those who cannot manage steps and the higher rows are not suitable for those who are unhappy with heights.
-When booking seated tickets your block, row and seat details will be confirmed; please ensure the seats are appropriate for you.

Another thing to note is that under 14s are not allowed to be in the standing area of the Wembley Arena, and must be accompanied by an adult during the concert. This is similar to most concerts, but it gives younger Kpop fans, who have to bring a parent, the chance to turn their parents into VIPs too!

Hopefully everyone will be able to get the tickets they want!

While we countdown until tickets go on sale, let’s all get a taster of what we may be seeing at the BigBang concert! (p.s: How many VIPs are praying for some Crayon action too!?)


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