Korean Adventures: Cat Cafes

Korea Hongdae Cat Cafe CatsudaWhen coming up with activities to do on holiday, there are the typical places you visit. Ancient buildings, shopping districts, notable landmarks – basically everything you find in a useful tourist guide. Then there are some destinations that are less culturally enlightening, but more ridiculously adorable. On one fine day in South Korea, we find ourselves heading to one of the happiest and cutest place in Seoul, a cat cafe!

A cat cafe, unlike what some friends thought, is not a place where you go to eat cats, but instead, a cafe where you get to chill and play with outrageously adorable cats. Awesome. Heavenly places like these do not exist in the UK and being cat fans, it was an obvious top destination for us in Seoul. If you’ve been to Myeongdong, you’ll have no doubt noticed quite a few signs for cat cafes, as well as dog cafes (the same principle of playing with animals applies). However, we went to one in Hongdae, which came highly recommended by a good friend.

Korean Adventures: Cat CafesCafe Catsuda is a lovely little cafe nestled in the heart of Hongdae. They have a handy FaceBook page where all the relevant information about locations and opening times can be seen. Just go here for all the info! We went when they first opened for the day so were lucky enough to have the whole cafe, and more importantly, all the cats to ourselves! For about ₩7,000 (around £4) entrance fee, you can stay and play with the cats for as long as you wanted, as well as getting a very delicious drink. A very fair deal.

Korea Hongdae Cat Cafe 1For those of you that have concerns over the concept of a place where visitors can just come in and mingle with the kitties at will, let us assure you that these places are really well run with a strict set of rules to secure all the cats’ happiness and most importantly safety. When we first entered, we swapped our shoes outside for some rather fashionably cat themed slippers, disinfected our hands, and all our belongings were put into storage bags to avoid outside contamination from harming the cat’s environment. The lady then gave us a list of dos and don’ts (written in both Korean and English) when interacting with the cats. These included such things as don’t disturb a sleeping cat, don’t grab their tails, don’t feed them, don’t pick them up etc. The cats even had an area hidden away from the public in case they wanted some private alone time, and there were resting places near the ceiling so they could observe the people without be disturbed or act like an almighty ceiling cat. All the cats looked happy and content, and seemed to be having a lovely time in their super decked out cafe. They even had their own TV and super cat tower! We also got a little guide on each cat with a mini bio, telling us their names and likes and dislikes. If we were cats, this would be the place to live.

Korea Hongdae Cat Cafe 2Korea Hongdae Cat Cafe 3With some excellent drinks in hand, and trying not to cry from all the cuteness, we got to know and chill with all the residents. We soon discovered these cats were pretty photogenic, and ending up leaving with a large amount of photos, including some rather amazing cat selcas. All the cats were extremely chilled out and relaxed and seemed used to people fawning at their adorableness. We got to play with the cats a lot as they were so friendly and we had an adorably amazing time. The little details at this cafe are what really made it stand out – all the decorations are brilliantly cat themed. They even had cat pictures where you could draw a design yourself and pin up their display wall at the end of your visit. A great personal touch, and we were even able to find our friend’s drawing on the board!

This is a lovely place to visit, if you’re not allergic of course, and is sure to leave you feeling like the world is full of rainbows and happy things. If you like cute cats, playing with cute cats, and getting a drink, this is a fantastic place to go. So don’t forget ~ Cafe Catsuda!


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