Team Invasian

Team Invasian London KpopLast month saw Invasian’s first Over 18 event and to celebrate, the Invasian team managed to snag the very fitting location of the Penthouse! With the beautiful London skyline in front of us and the James Bond Skyfall premier party below us (no Daniel Craig sightings to report though), we popped over to the famous Leicester Square in London to meet the Invasian team before the party.

This was a special party, a collaboration with Hosting London, which featured not only Kpop but Jpop as well. We watched as the DJs of the night prepare the set lists for the evening, the music catalogue was seriously impressive and we have to say, team Invasian has some pretty good taste in music *whispers EXO*. As the night began, people were clearly enjoying the swanky location; with the music pumping and the drinks aflowing Team Invasian looks set for their most successful night yet!

Invasian London Kpop Parties
The location of the event, and the fact that it was over 18s meant that there were some very classy outfits turning up, and we even spotted a floor length ball dress or two! People had made some serious efforts in dressing up, and not just from the girls either, as the guys were looking mighty dapper all suited up. The playlist had everyone on the dance floor, and we witnessed some amazing dance moves going on. As it was a week night, us oldies had to shuffle off at an early hour, but as we were leaving, we kept seeing more and more people arriving. An album of the first hour can be seen here on our Facebook page :P This was another sell out event for Team Invasian and looked like a very successful collaboration with Hosting London. We heard the night really kicked off which left us Cinderellas feeling very jealous!

We also got a chance to fire some questions at the Invasian team, so read more to find out about the hard working team!

invasian teamTell us a bit about the Invasian team. When did you start, how many of you are there in the team and how did you guys come together?

If I had to answer when we started, I will say 2 years ago. When me and my friends conducted anime/cosplay meets around central London, that is how we become a team; a few good friends who wanted to organise events for the pleasure of organising events.Then we came across the K-pop scene and decided to do something different to bring entertainment to the younger audience and that is how we started the ‘All Age K-pop Parties’, along with support from other groups such as UKP and KLUE. They contributed a lot to our achievements. It is hard to say how many there are in the team as at each event we always have someone new helping us, so our team is growing with each event we do!

-What kind of events do you aim to organise, and why did you decide to go for these kind of events?
Well we started with All age K-pop parties as this is something no one has ever done and there were lot of requests from the younger K-pop audience, they wanted something that is not 18+. Since then we have done all sorts of events after our first All age K-pop party.

-How did you progress from your first event to where you are now? 
Team work! I can not ask for a better team to support me, if it is not for them I wouldn’t be here answering these questions.

London Kpop Gangnam style flashmob-Your Gangnam flashmob was really successful – what made you decide to do a Gangnam style flashmob and how difficult was the planning and coordinating? 
Gangnam style flash mob was requested from the KBS camera crew, they asked me saying ‘would it possible for you to organize an event that is related to PSY’. That is when I got my team together and decided to organise one with the Kings College flash mob society. The planning wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be as we had dedicated performers who were willing to go to the practices and teach others who did’t know the dance. The only difficulty would have been the crowd control on the day. We weren’t expecting 400 people.

-What are your plans for the future? 
Plans for the future, well mine is to attend university next year, people seem to forget that I am very young. For Invasian we want to grow and do better and bigger events for the K-pop fans who have been supporting us from the start. That is our aim, we want to do events that the people want!

-What is the Kpop scene in the UK like right now? 
K-pop scene is growing every day and now it is pretty big but in comparison to other European countries, I would say that the K-pop scene in the UK is small, but we are very strongly united and that is why the UK K-pop scene is fantastic!

InvasianThanks to Alvin for taking the time to answer our questions! The thing we love about the Invasian team is that they listen to their customers and do events that the punters want. We saw a lot of song requests on the night and watched as the DJs worked manically to fulfil these requests; probably the coolest DJs EVER! They genuinely want to give something back to the public and aren’t just looking for personal gain and fame. It was lovely to meet the modest and hard working team who are all genuinely passionate about satisfying the needs of the UK Kpop community. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for the UK audiences, as we’re sure it will all be very exciting!

Team Invasian Kpop Jpop London Party

For more information about the Invasian Team, visit their FaceBook page and make sure you subscribe! They’ve already planned their next event set for 28th November, it’s another Jpop vs Kpop night and this time the theme is NEON; it will definitely brighten up this horrible British winter weather! It’s set in a very funky bar called BOND which features some fabulous new state of the art lighting and something called interactive bars? For more information click : here. This is another 18+ event but never fear young fans, Team Invasian has definitely not forgotten about you guys! Even more exciting news is that they have two very special performances from UK Kpop agency UKP Entertainment: YF and The Kawaii Kimchi! So make sure you get there early for a good spot! Buy your ticket in advance as it’s going to be another sell out! And see you all there!!!


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