SNSD in Look Magazine


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One of our favourite UK magazines LOOK have decided to look past Psy and see what South Korea has next to offer the UK in terms of music. But which Kpop giant has decided to set their sights on the UK? SNSD of course. We can’t help but notice that whenever UK has a Kpop article, it always feature SNSD as the main image (almost always in the same pose too). Is SNSD becoming the face of Kpop in the UK?

But some exciting news for UK sones, looks like SNSD are planning to conquer the UK! LOOK states that UK is next on their list and apparently industry experts are predicting big things! SNSD aka Girls Generation are said to be already signed to Lady Gaga’s record label Interscope Records and are said to be hailed as the new Pussycat Dolls. With their English version of The Boys due for official digital release in the UK on 20 December. Are they planning to join the battle for Christmas number one? More exciting news is that SNSD are also recording an entirely English album set for release next year!

SNSD LOOK Magazine UK 1So how do UK Kpop fans feel about this news? Do you think SNSD will be successful in the UK Music scene, we’re not sure some of the hardcore British music fans will take to this 9 member girlband especially as we’re a nation that treasures artist such as the Beatles, Oasis and Blur. But with girl bands on the rise again after the success of Little Mix, SNSD may be set to gain a larger UK fanbase! We sincerely hope they plan to bring the rest of SM in the form of SM Town concert? *fingers crossed*

SNSD LOOK Magazine UK 2We’re also surprised to see no mention of Psy’s label mates 2NE1 and especially Big Bang after winning a MTV award in Dublin last year and with their sell out concert coming up next month. 2NE1 has been featured on Edith Bowman’s radio 1 show previously although being pre-PSY, Edith and her colleague seemed a little less open minded when it came to appreciating a tune in a different language. With their funky styles, we feel that YG artists will definitely appeal to the fashionable British lot, especially with their connection to the almighty Jeremy Scott! We can definitely see YG tunes being very fitting for the TOPSHOP big screens!

SNSD LOOK Magazine UK 3So make sure you pick up your copy of LOOK magazine on sale now up until 3rd December 2012. We can’t wait for SNSD’s UK invasion and we hope they brush up on their English as LOOK has stated that they are all Bilingual! We also found it quite amusing LOOK mentioned that despite their success, SNSD still live together and share rooms. As close and chummy as SNSD are, we personally don’t think this is by choice…


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