KCM 2012 Winter Giveaway

KCM Xmas 1

It’s December! The month of joy and giving! We at Korean Class MASSIVE have had the most incredible year ever! 2012 has definitely been an unforgettable year for us :) We really want to thank all those who have supported us, helped us and just been there for us for the past year. We really really appreciate it and would not be here without you! ;_;

KCM Xmas 2To give a little something back to you guys, we have lots of gifts to give out throughout December. Unfortunately due to postal costs, these give-aways are only available to UK residents so we apologise to all our overseas friends :( Hopefully we will be able to do worldwide giveaways soon!

But we do have one more favour to ask you guys, we have no idea what to do! We have all these gifts we want to just give-away, but what will be the most fair and effective way? Please do give us your suggestions! Tweet us, Facebook us, email us, track us down and tell us! All we want to do is give you guys presents!

We have lots of little goodies to give away! We have a brand new Busker Busker Album after their win at MAMA 2012 awards. Superjunior’s Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Hangeng and Kibum member socks as well as JYJ Mickey Socks! And we have a tonne of Keyrings/Phone strap to give away as seen in the pics, we have the following bands:

  • Big Bang
  • Top
  • GD
  • FT Island
  • 2NE1
  • Superjunior
  • Teen Top
  • HoMin TVXQ
  • Yunho TVXQ
  • 2pm
  • Infinite
  • U-Kiss
  • SNSD
  • JYJ
  • B1A4
  • Boyfriend
  • Changmin TVXQ
  • Block B
  • CN Blue

You know what? Just email us a nice Christmas message! What have you loved most about 2012? What are you wishing for for 2013? Why do you love Korean Class MASSIVE? ;) And most importantly, which band do you love? What gift do you want? And we’ll send those who make us smile a gift :)

And once again, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all our readers and subscribers! Sorry this giveaway is Kpop orientated and only to UK residents. How about message us to say what kind of giveaways you would like to see in the future? DVDs? Food? Soju? Ho Ho Ho…

This Giveaway will end on 13 December 2012 at 23:59!

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