One Fine Day with Ingeun Kim

Ingeun Kim one fine dayThis Saturday Alpha Art Association, a project-based group which consists of art enthusiasts, will be hosting a very special film première in cool and trendy Camden. London based South Korean Artist Ingeun Kim will be treating us to a viewing of his debut short film called One Fine Day 화창한 날. Make sure you don’t miss out and RSVP via

Check out the quirky and endearing trailer:

Ingeun Kim is currently at the London Royal College of Art working towards a MA in Visual Communication and his debuting short film portrays the life of a Korean artist living and working in London. Here we get a rare and different insight into the life of an artist. This artist is not pretentious and too hipster for the world, he appears to be your standard guy, just like the rest of us trying to get on with life. Through Ingeun Kim’s subjective point of view, we see theinternal frustration and intricate relationships with art and people. What it’s like to be a creative mind and the pressures of being surrounded by trendy cool people always questioning everything.

The Plot: The film follows Ilsu (Ilsu Hwang), a young Korean man, whose circle of life revolves around London as he works and lives in the city as an artist. He meets Gemini Kim Chee (Gemini Kim) for the first time at a party, an artist who finds the conversation with Ilsu discomforting.

Kim’s work has been described as unpretentious and after having a little nose around his website: we can see why. Kim’s pieces are modern but not in a way that makes you feel you should be fluent in the language of all things modern art to understand. His pieces are simple yet powerful and loaded with emotions, pieces you could spend all day staring at as you try to decipher the meaning. Kim is also very skilful and works with a lot of mediums; we especially love his paint work, our favourite being A Heart (2011). Make sure you pay his website a visit for a taster of his work – the sketchbook is a cool feature where you can take a sneak glimpse at his sketches and ideas.

Image from Kim Ingeun's website

Image from Kim Ingeun’s website

A few words from the Director: My first short narrative film entitled “One Fine Day” was born out of a momentary desire to investigate a different medium of expression, somewhat distanced from what I had created as an artist. I wanted to explore the effects of a self-conscious artist in relation to others, his perspective in response to others and vice versa. […] It was made from a sense of purely the desire to attempt something that served as a distraction from my life creating art. An escape from my everyday life in the art world by making a story about everyday life in the art world.A few words from the Artist/Director.

This film will be another artistic venture for Ingeun Kim, so make sure you head down to Camden this Saturday for the premiere! We’re definitely looking forward to seeing a different side to a London Artist! Don’t forget to RSVP via

Director and Writer: Ingeun Kim
Director of Photography: Changwoo Ryu
Art Director: Ilsun Maeng
Production: Red Carpet Spirit
Cast: Ilsu Hwang, Gemini Kim, Jieun Kwon, Songhae Lee, 
Adam Cooper, Jieun Kim, Sejung Lee
Language: Korean with English subtitles
Running time: approx. 30 mins

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