Korean Adventures: Seonyudo MT Style

South Korean Flag Ocean Samsung S3 PhoneHurrah for Friday! We’re having a bit of a sentimental Friday today reminiscing about our WKB trip where we were taken on a MT style trip to Seonyudo (선유도). MT stands for Member Training and you can often see idols participating in these kind of trips on South Korean variety shows. On MT trips you basically spend lots of time playing games and having fun with your friends and eating lots of food!

Gunsan Harbour Ferry Terminal South KoreaSeonyudo is a beautiful island along the West coast of South Korea, not to be mistaken with the Seonyudo in Seoul. This Seonyudo is part of the Gogunsan series of islands by Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do, and is a popular holiday destination for South Koreans during the summer. To get to Seonyudo we took a ferry from the Gunsan Coastal Ferry Terminal. We think the ferry journey was approximately 1 hour, but we can’t be sure because it was possibly the most entertaining ferry ride ever. Being the tourists that we were, we all clambered up to the open deck to soak in the beautiful sea air and take a million photos, and then we witnessed a Korean Ferry tradition (possibly). Families gathered with packets of prawn crackers and started feeding the seagulls that followed the ferry. As we travelled further, more seagulls joined the flock, but we decided to ignore the horror movieness of it all and join in with the fun! Feeding seagulls prawn crackers from a moving ferry requires quite a bit of skill and you have to have arms of steel! Here are some awesome moments we managed to capture:

As we arrived, we were greeted by golf carts and trucks but no cars; this island felt so different to the bustling capital of Seoul. Due to jetlag, KC Massive spent many late nights chatting and bonding and one of us had previously mentioned how riding on the back of a open truck and driving through the country side was a life long dream of ours. Cue a impromptu joke asking if it was possible for us to take the truck… Turns out the truck was indeed our ride! Words cannot describe the emotions we felt as we piled onto the truck… of dreams.

South Korea Seonyudo accommodation

It’s not a fancy truck, we sat on little stools and held on for dear life as we drove around the bumpy island roads. But it was amazingly fun, we stuck our heads out and just soaked in the amazing peaceful atmosphere of the island and the picturesque scenery. We’ve never felt so far away from London! Our wonderful tour guide, inn keeper, chauffeur and all round awesome ahjusshi took us on a spin around Seonyudo and we even got to explore Jangja island which is located to the west of Seonyudo.

South Korea SeonyudoWe recently found out that Seonyudo apparently translates to Angel’s resort and has a legend that angels used to play and frolic on this island in the old days – we now understand why this destination was chosen for us….Once we arrive at our little corner of the island, we saw our lodgings, which were cosy and traditional. They were like little beach huts and we all shared with around 2-3 person per hut. We managed to bag the one with the view (score), but were warned that the heating was not working in this hut, but we said that’s fine, we’re British! Our lodgings were by a beautiful pebble beach and randomly the next morning, we woke up early to spend some time on this picturesque pebble beach and filled with emotions, we sang EXO’s Angel (너의 세상으로) to the open ocean (we hope our terrible singing didn’t wake up any other island residents). It just all seems so perfectly fitting now ;_;

Seonyudo is just a MASSIVELY amazing island, no words can describe our feelings on this island, we miss it every day and will forever hold fond memories of this trip. Seonyudo is known for it’s beautiful curved white sand beach. Seonyudo also has a lot of bugs, big bugs like beetles, grasshoppers, giant moths, centipedes (which our fellow blogger friend found in her bed!) and weird sea bugs that wash up onto the beach, which greatly scared one particular KC Massive member. But all that can be overlooked. Seonyudo is so peaceful and everyone seems so chilled out and jolly. The beaches were beautiful and even the graffiti was pretty.

South Korea Seonyudo Beach

We returned to our base and proceeded with a MT style dinner! We had a very awesome decked area just outside our huts with all the equipment for a BBQ! We had previously purchased boxes and boxes of meat (well, our all round favourite runner was given this task) whilst at Gunsan and bought it over on the boat with us. We left the BBQ experts to cook the meat whilst we all sat around drinking Korean beer, eating peanuts, spilling peanuts, and ducking and diving to avoid all the moths flying about. Along with our BBQ meat, the amazing inn keepers provided lots of delicious side dishes including some delicacies like little, whole crunchy crabs. We also got to try some dried squid, it was chewy, very chewy.

South Korea Seonyudo Beach camp fireOur next MT mission was fireworks and sparklers on the beach! We purchased some fireworks that you stick into the ground and ran down to the pebble beach. With a bonfire burning and the darkest night skies with the brightest stars above us, we ooh-ed and ahh-ed at the fireworks. It was like being at the end of the world! Back by at the BBQ area we all gathered around for more beers and midnight ramyun! We were stuffed from the dinner earlier but hey, tradition is tradition!

South Korea Seonyudo praying hands lighthouseAt the end of the evening, we all resided to our lodgings which was one giant square room with a bathroom, a kitchenette and a TV. We have had a lot of beer (it’s tradition!) and had no idea what we were doing but we managed to make our beds, or fort as we liked to call it. The next morning some of us were tricked into riding bikes, some of us chickened out and rode golf cart style buggies, and had a final tour around the island. We visited a special lighthouse, some say it resembled praying hands and if you make a wish here, it could come true! Others say it’s a MASSIVE stop sign. It was possibly both and we especially love the details of the windows as fingernails. But alas soon had to return to our lodgings, pick up our luggage and leave this magical island of angels.

Seonyudo truly is one of the most unique places we have ever been and there is no way we could have come here without KOCIS and Korea Herald. We love you guys ;_; Thank you for taking us to one of the coolest places on Earth!

South Korean Flag Ocean


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