Korean Adventures: Jangja Island

Jangja Island South Korea

During our tour around Seonyudo, we also stopped off to explore Jangja Island (장자도), which is to the west of the Island, and is joined to Seonyudo by the Jangjagyo Bridge. This Bridge is long and is not wide enough to drive a car across, so we all jumped off the truck and proceeded to cross the bridge for some hiking.

Jangja Island fishingJangja Island fishingThe name Jangja is made from the names of flatfish and flounder fish. This island is said to be shaped like a big bowl in front of a running horse and because of this, people believed that this island may produce many brilliant men. Residents of Jangja island believed this island was lucky as if you stood on the bridge, you could see Lion Rock located to the west of the island. This Lion Rock was believed to be a guardian against bad luck from the sea due to its “angel locations” staring at the west seas. Although nowadays Jangja island plays a smaller role than Seonyudo, 60 years ago it used to be the most plentiful island in the Gogunsan series of islands and used to function as the central sea port in this series of islands. Many fishing boats used to harbour around the front of Jangjado and at night, the sea used to be lit up with lights from fishing boats. Whilst crossing the bridge we saw a lot of people fishing, so these seas still seemed plentiful! We also noticed this man (in the picture to the left), possibly meditating, possibly practising some new art of fishing or maybe even in need of help (don’t worry, on our way back, this man was awake and sat upright, he seemed ok…)

Jangja Island fishing

Fishing ahjusshi is awake!

As we arrived on Jangja island, we were greeted by men playing a weird game that looked like a cross between tennis and football. Our fellow bloggers later explained that it was actually the Korean sport of Jokgu! We understand Jokgu is kind of like playing volleyball with footballing technique on a tennis court. You can find out more about this unique Korean sport here.

We proceeded to walk up a hill and the come down a mountain, all the while taking in some spectacular scenery. We were again filled with many emotions as we watched the sun set over the glistening sea. It was one of the most beautiful moments of our lives. As we stood on top of the giant hill, we had no troubles, we had no worries, we just felt fabulous. It was absolutely amazing to be able to see such a rural and untouched part of South Korea!

We’ll be uploading a whole photo album onto our Facebook page soon for more amazing photos of Jangja!


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