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KCCUK Now X Here

A couple of months ago, the Korean Cultural Centre in London made a call for Korean artists based in the UK to participate in its 5th Annual Exhibition. The KCC is lucky enough to be placed in the heart of bustling London, so has seen London change and update over the years, especially this Summer with the exciting Olympics. Because of this the KCC made a call for artists to help them capture the changing London scenery around the area.

Beomsik WonThe KCC has announced that their 5th Annual Exhibition of contemporary art by UK based Korean Artists: ‘Now X Here’ will open with a Preview Event on 12th December 2012. ‘Now X Here’ is said to bring together the exciting and inspiring work of nine Korean artists each living and working in the UK. Out of these nine artists, one very familiar name, Beomsik Won. The Press Release states that Won completed his MFA in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art this year. We were lucky enough to meet Beomsik Won back at the Place Not Found exhibition earlier this year, where we fell in love with his unique pieces. Won is very interested in architectural structures and creates images featuring a number of buildings and shop fronts combined together to create a new and unique kind of structure. “A fine collage technique creates another imaginary monument by mixing and accumulating a place of cultural, economic, entertainment and politics in varying degrees of scale. In the process of creating a composite, Won puts the intertwined convention of social structure into question with the buildings that are waiting to be recognised and hidden codes unravelled.” The other participating artists are:

Jin Woo YooJin Woo Yoo complete MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art in 2010. A wall of mass produced pieces of paper appear as concrete bricks. Upon closer inspection each print has a repetitive etching that blends the energy of the piece. Such practice appears like a very oriental–calm asceticism, as the artist describes it, it is a recall of his experience of learning traditional calligraphy in Korea. Yoo’s work changes our sense of the interior whilst asking both the audience and fellow artists to examine the question of craftsmanship in their work. – We actually saw a little bit of Yoo’s work in progress when we went to the KCC for a film screening on Thursday. It looks so intricate and a lot of hard work! We are definitely looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Heeseung Choi completed MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art in 2012. The silent and empty space is, in fact, infused with a sense of subtle stirring. The wall is about to collapse, tide surge, bells ring. But the effect of muted sound and washed-out colour are suspending the accident. Such a moment of halt is visualised by using paradoxical materials whose sound will never be heard. The cacophony exists in between the expectation and reality, making a room of imagery and resonation.

Han Byul Kang

Image from hanbyulkang website

Han Byul Kang is currently studying MA in Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Art and Design. The pursuit of the ontological questions for an object and human being is visualised in the deliberately immature contours of any given space. The contours were developed into colour patches on the found objects or canvas and then freely laid on refracted spaces. The constellation of variables appears like they have been given the spontaneity to inhabit inside the space; they build up the space, penetrate the boundaries of its medium. This cleverly measured constellation invites the viewer to spot a certain point to complete the dialogue within.

Image from BBC Review

Image from BBC Review

Daewoong Kim is currently undertaking an MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art in London. Kim was selected in Tayler Wessing Photographic Portrait prize, hosted at the National Portrait Gallery in 2012. Kim’s portraiture series “Silence Within” started from portraying a subject of a Korean child in London, as a matter of fact, ruminating on one’s own memories of childhood. The isolation is visualised in the theatrical scene of the everyday place, with the autobiographical contexts expanding into a common sentiment.  ~ Make sure you check out some of his work on his website. His photography is beautiful! www.daewoongkim.com

Woo Jin Kim completed MFA at Goldsmith, University of London in 2012. Kim’s work is inspired by the images of those collected from photos, books and the internet. Re-organising these people’s lives and relationships are a form of portraiture that has been put into a literary reference. Such an ordinary circumstance leaves room for the viewers to speculate on the constellation of portraiture. 

Fay Shin

Fay Shin graduated an MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2012. Shin alights on a precarious and trivial landscape. She transports us to sidewalks, backstreets or dead-ends, where she finds and transforms the unexpected humour and unconventional beauty and material into the canvas. The urban landscape scaled down to a flat, petit space around her. A collage of real life surfaces to an abstract landscape painting result in not only a clash of material but also an emotional collision.You can see some of her installations on her website: fayshin.net

Image from shonkyunghwa.org

Image from shonkyunghwa.org

Kyung Hwa Shon studied Painting and Drawing at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, then moved to London to participate in the residency programme at the Royal Academy Schools. The three large paintings of the landscape here give clues of her observations and interpretations of London’s unique architectural surroundings into the personal responses and sensory experience. The trace of the geometric facade of old brick buildings fades, while the free stroke of the colour field reveals the psychological state of encounter. In each canvas the geometrical elements and the abstract field seems to struggle to keep their balance yet eventually the latter engulfs the former. 

Image from hyesooyou.blogspot.co.uk

Image from hyesooyou.blogspot.co.uk

Hyesoo You completed MFA at the Chelsea College of Art and Design. Her delightful objects combine many visual elements such as functional forms, kitsch motifs and garish colours. YOU refers to the work as a profession of faith where the form and the meaning both correspond and correlate. The transformation of everyday objects still lingers at the boundary between the function and non-function, fine art and design and raises the tension of the in-between. An array of found objects resonate not only the nostalgic history of the KCCUK but also its living interior atmosphere. 

This will be the Korean Cultural Centre’s last exhibition of 2012 opening on the evening of 12th December and continuing on until 23rd January 2013. We can’t wait to see it, we expect a wide variety of offerings from the selected artists and lots of colour to bring the KCC into a bright and artistic 2013. For more information on the London Korean Cultural Centre visit their website here.


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