Korean Adventure: Jinpo Marine Theme Park

Gunsan Maritime Theme Park 19

Just along from the Museum of Modern History is the Jinpo Marine Theme Park (진포해양테마공원). Contrary to what we first thought, this is not an Alton Towers type theme park with ship based roller coasters…

This attraction was built in 2008 to commemorate the victory of Jinpo in the naval combat against Japanese in 1380. This Marine Theme Park features 16 retired military aircrafts and 13 models of tanks, artillery etc, but the main attraction is the Wibongham Ship, which is a decommissioned warship. This warship has been renovated to house a museum which shows historical scenes from the 1380 Jinpodaecheop War, artillery made by General Choi Mu-seon, and also focuses on the more modern aspects of typical marine life inside.

The Jinpo Marine Theme Park is situated at a port and all the military vehicles are lined up like some extravagant car par. It was very cool to be able to get so close to these vehicles, it was like seeing a war film come to life and they have been kept so well. There were some great photo opportunities as you were allowed to climb on some of the tanks for some epic posing and others were opened so you can pop inside and take a look. It was so cramped and stuffy inside it really gives you a sense of how claustrophobic and hard it must have been for the soldiers and sailors.

As you walk up the port and past all the military vehicles, you are then greeted with the very impressive warship. The scale of the ship is truly vast. You walk into the warship through the front of the ship and after being welcomed by a very fabulous mannequin, you’ll find that the inside is actually more spacious and open than expected.

Gunsan Maritime Theme Park

Display cases run down the two sides of the ship in the main area, with more exhibits dotted around in the centre of the ship. There’s lots of recreations of old weaponry on show where you can learn how battles were fought before they used guns. Some of the weaponry invented was truly ingenious and creative. As well as the evolution of war fashions! There was lots to see and many interactive screens where you can pick and choose what you’d like to learn about. It was all very engaging and a lot more fun than your standard war museums, there’s even a 4D theatre!

There was also a rather adorable miniature recreation of battle scenes from the Jinpodaecheop War. It was all so detailed with some amazing smoke effects!

The other parts of the warship is focused on the more modern parts of marine life and what it was like within the ship itself. For instance, the mess hall had information about what the on board crew would have eaten, their daily schedules and duties; general information on how they lived. Parts of the boat were also maintained so you can see what the living chambers were like. You could go into the cramped rooms, and experience what it was like down these dark and dingy living spaces. It was all so claustrophobic and dreary, and it really doesn’t help when fellow bloggers jump out from behind dark corners to scare you but we’d like to thank Gisela and Dorothea for making the effort to really help us experience how scary is must have been living on board a ship like this, much appreciated!

Up on the top deck, you could not only see some of the huge artillery guns, but could also get some prime posing done with some rather fetching statues of Generals from the Jinpodaecheop War. This area is a fantastic place to get a sense of the scale of the ship and the port surrounding the area.

Even though we are not really military enthusiasts, we found the Jinpo Marine Theme Park really interesting, maybe it’s because we get to see all the vehicles and weaponry up close rather than reading texts. It really helps bring the history to live and gave us a much better understanding of the marine life. We really recommend popping over to this theme park but remember, there are no roller coasters here! For more information on the Jinpo Marine Theme Park visit this link: visitkorea.or.kr

Gunsan Maritime Theme Park 8


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