Practice Korean with Gurupop

And so a new year is upon us and we’re sure like us, many of you guys have made New Years Resolutions! How is everyone holding up? One of our main resolutions this year as Korean Class MASSIVE is to work hard on our Korean studies! Because some of us still get confused between 산책 and 사진 and keep calling cool people delicious instead (a “mistake” for sure). But studying can get so boring and tedious, 그렇죠?

Gurupop Daniel San E
Thankfully we found the amazing Gurupop! Gurupop is a global community where users around the world share and enjoy wide range of entertainment contents including K-pop music. 2012 saw Gurupop get it’s very own TV show which broadcasts LIVE on YouTube. But what makes Gurupop so freaking awesome you ask? The Gurupop shows are presented by the delicious *ahem* cool San E and Dalmatian’s all round amazing and seriously hot Daniel, and the unique thing about this show is that they present in English! Both San E and Daniel have flawless English and work as a magical bilingual bridge between international fans and their idols.

Each show features a idol group and San E and Daniel will present a talk show with these idols. The questions come from all international fans and the wonderful staff at Gurupop have made the effort to translate them all so fans finally get a chance to talk to their idols. Daniel and San E then proceed to translate the idols answers from Korean straight to English! What’s more, because the show is LIVE Daniel and San E are always reading tweets and messages from viewers and instantly translating them straight to the idols! It’s a truly beautiful and interactive show for international fans. Also because it’s live, you also end up with some absolutely hilarious banter going on between the presenters and the idols. Gurupop has created a whole new portal for fans all over the world to connect with their idols. We’ve seen many international fans take advantage of this and also ask idols to do some hilariously fun and adorable things. Our favourite was when T.K of C.Clown sang Michael Bublé, and U.Kiss demonstrating some very dodgy nightclub dancing.

Gurupop Daniel

We’ve found that Gurupop has really helped us improve our Korean. As Daniel and San E are constantly translating themselves, you can pick up quite a few phrases. Sometimes Daniel and San E will make a passing comment at each other in Korean and we all give ourselves a pat on the back as we totally understood what they just said. It’s a really good show for all Korean language students to exercise their listening and you don’t need to worry about reading subtitles, you can just sit back and enjoy the show. And the views! Because damn those presenters are cool. We mean tasty… wait it’s actually both.

Gurupop San E

As Daniel, San E and the Gurupop staff really care about us, they also have a very special segment towards the end of the show called ‘Teach Me Korean’! This helpful little segment takes a Korean phrase and the idol group, along with Daniel and San E, teach us and give us examples of how we can use these everyday common phrases. Some phrases that have been covered so far are: 딱 걸렸어 – busted! 자기야 – baby! and 기다려 – wait! 기다려 was chosen as it was in the recent popular film ‘Wolfboy’, and is apparently in fashion at the moment. Check out some Korean teaching moments in the vid below!

With the growing popularity of Kpop, it was about time we got another special English language Kpop show! Gurupop also gives many idol groups a chance to exercise and show off some of their fabulous English (we love you Hoon of U-Kiss, everything is impossible!).

Gurupop Daniel San E JengaWe are MASSIVE fans of Gurupop not just because of it’s education and Kpop reasons, but because of the super adorable twosome Daniel and San E. They are such a fabulous duo and the chemistry between them means you are forever entertained, even if you’re just watching them playing jenga for 18 minutes…yes we really did watch it all. Most tense 18 minutes of our lives and also inspired our New Years Eve activities! We are also Jenga masters, ready for a match with Daniel and San E anytime!Another thing we’d like to point out and we’re sure all fellow Gurupoppers agree with us, is how attentive Daniel and San E are to their fans and viewers. They always make the effort to read out messages from fans and of course work hard at fulfilling people’s requests and sending us back some love. It’s really nice to see idols being able to interact with their fans directly. Daniel and San E have even skyped some very lucky viewers!Gurupop is currently on a break, but you can watch all the previous shows on YouTube Gurupop Channel. Gurupop is normally broadcast live on Youtube on Tuesdays at 10pm EST which unfortunately for us UK fans means 2-3am in the morning :( But we’ve seen many hardcore UK fans get mentioned during shows and have had their messages read out! Just don’t let it effect your school attendance!

Gurupop Daniel San E Christmas

So do you feel like getting to know this fabulous twosome? Eager to exercise some of your Korean listening skills? You can see a list of which idols appeared on what shows and a link to specific shows here. So if you’ve got some free time, get going and explore the fabulous world of Gurupop!

To ease yourself into the Gurupop world, we’d recommend you watch the recent Christmas Special. As there are no idol guests in this episode, there’s less Korean spoken, but you can still pick up a few words and phrases. The main reason to watch this episode is because you’ll be introduced to the best presenters in the world, and soon come to realise Daniel and San E should be presenting every program everywhere, globally.

p.s. In case you’re wondering, 멋 있다 = cool, 맛 있다 = tasty


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