The Alpha Art Association, who brought us Ingeun Kim’s film One Fine Day, are back again early on in the year to bring us something a bit different.

Alpha Art Association is pleased to announce a collaborative arts project _Complete comprised with video artworks by a media artist, SHIN Kiwoun, and jazz piano performance by KO Heean.

Complete (Art+Music event) organised by AAA

The name of the project, ‘_Complete’, “refers to the process of combining live jazz performance with a video art work using audience participation to ‘complete’ the piece. This performance will be a rare chance to experience the experimental collaborative work between a video artist and a Jazz musician”. This sounds like it will be a great opportunity to witness a combination of two art forms usually kept separate. The results of this collaboration will surely be new and exciting.

Shin Kiwoun is an artist who’s had many exhibitions in South Korea and internationally. Not only does he hold a BFA in Fine Arts from Seoul National University, he also has an MFA in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths College, London. His work focuses on five main themes: time, reality, existence, illusion and disappearance. His work tries to connect with human desire, and works with the idea that:

“the real exists in our brain when our brains believe that. So, when controlled images (dream or film) exceed reality, our brains believe that these excessive experiences (dream and film) are real and reality is ‘confirmed’ in our minds” quote from Shin Kiwoun’s website

He’s even experimented with 3D art, as you can see in this video below:

Complementing Shin’s media artworks will be jazz musician Ko Heean. This talented musician earned his BFA in Jazz Performance in Berklee College of music, Boston, and also has a MFA in Jazz Performance from New York University. Ko is a well known jazz musician and “as the pianist and composer of the renowned jazz group ‘Prelude’, he has been active in the jazz field producing six albums and performed numerous concerts.”

You can see a performance with Ko and the band Prelude below:

This will be a great event visually and acoustically, so don’t miss out! Details of the event are below.

Date: 27th of Jan. 2013. Sun. 3pm (Doors open at 3pm and the performance starts at 3.30pm)
Venue: The Forge | 3-7 Delancey Street, London, NW1 7NL
Free entry with RSVP by email: admin@10aaa.co.uk
Organised by Alpha Art Association (Dani Daeun Kim & Suyon Yang)

The FaceBook event page can be found here


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