KCC UK’s 5th Anniversary

Kcc 5th Anniversary London

After a very successful 2012, the Korean Cultural Centre UK celebrates its 5th Birthday this month! Opening in January 2008 with the aim to enhance friendship, amity and understanding between Korea and the UK through cultural and educational activities, the KCC has hosted many exhibitions, film nights, performances, seminars, language courses, Kpop events and much much more in the past 5 years.

We here at Korean Class MASSIVE met via the KCC after joining the Sejong Language courses and this blog was created so we can help spread the word of all the wonderful events the KCC was holding. At this KCC, situated in the heart of London, we have learnt so much about culture, film, music and language to name but a few. The KCC really holds a dear place in our hearts and so we wish it a very fabulous 5th Birthday and an even more successful 2013!

To celebrate this anniversary, the KCC will be holding a very special event in their multi-purpose hall on 30 January 2013 (5pm):

As part of our 5th Anniversary celebrations, the Korean Cultural Centre UK is pleased to host a Forum on Korean Culture featuring four cultural experts. Each speaker will talk on their specialised cultural sector, the present and future of Korean culture’s presence in the UK and of course the possible future direction of the KCCUK itself.

Philip Gowman, Founder and Editor of London Korean Links, one of the original UK Korea writers, will be giving a talk about the achievements of the KCC in the past five years. As an original Korea fanboy who was passionate about Korea before it was cool, Philip has witnessed all the hard work from the KCC over the past five years and has watched it grow and flourish. This will no doubt be an interesting take on the history of our beloved KCC.

Dr. Hyunsun Yoon will be talking about the flood of the Hallyu wave, from films, Kpop and Kdramas. Dr Yoon will focus on the media that made many of us fall in love with Korea and whether this Korean wave has managed to wash over the UK and our seemingly impermeable British Culture.

Another guest speaker of the night will be Jeremy Akerman. Who is Jeremy Akerman you ask? Jeremy Akerman is one half of Akermandaly who focuses on the texts of artists and he will be sharing a very interesting experience of working with a Korean art student. He talks about his experiences of Korea as a tourist, curator and artist and how he grew to understand Korea through the art and it’s artists.

Last but not least, Sioned Hughes will also be sharing her experiences after her 2 year research exchange programme between Korean and UK performing arts managers where Korean and UK art producers worked together and encouraged the development of artist collaboration between the two countries. It will be very interesting to hear about the interaction between the UK and Korea through art and what some of the collaborations have resulted in.

As usual the KCC has prepared a very interesting and educational night for us all and a great way to learn about the UK and Korean friendship after 5 years of the Korean Cultural Centre. To attend this Korean Culture Forum: A Bridge to the Future, all you need to do is RSVP via info@KCC.org.uk or phone 020 7004 2600. This Forum is held on Wednesday 30th January 2013 at 5pm.

KCC Anniversary London 1

What’s more, to celebrate their 5th Anniversary with class and style, the KCC will also be holding a concert at the swanky Cadogen Hall. Attendees will be treated to a night of Classical and Traditional Korean music in the form of a operatic performance and a Pansori stage! JeokByeokga is one of the 5 remaining Korean Pansoris and is said to be a heroic story with grand and sublime expressions so we’re looking forward to an epic night! This event is not open to the general public but to show the KCC supporters some love, the KCC is inviting 200 of its Facebook friends to the event! More details can be found HERE but hurry! It’s first come first served!

2013 London Korean Actors

And don’t forget that this Thursday brings the start of the KCC’s 2013 film project, “The Year of 4 Actors”. The KCC returns to fortnightly film screening and this time films will be themed by the Actress/Actors who will be visiting the KCC! We can’t wait! *fingers crossed Won Bin* The first actress confirmed to pay us a visit is Moon Sori and this Thursday you’ll get the chance to see The President’s Barber at the good ol’ KCC. Visit HERE to book your spot now :)

And so the KCC kicks start 2013 to a very eventful January! Make sure you come celebrate with the KCC!


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