Teen Top in London


With two and a half weeks to go till Teen Top in London (HMV Forum 8 February 2013 7pm), B7Klan has made a special announcement helping UK Angels everywhere. Teen Top is a group much loved in the UK and their announced concert was greeted with screams and tears by many fans. But this excitement was greeted with even more tears when ticket prices were announced. I’m sure we’ve all seen the news, with the UK going through some financial hardships and with people still paying off their Christmas debts, it’s no surprise that very little people had money for concert tickets. Unlike many Kpop events before it, Teen Top’s concert tickets were not met with a frenzy of eager ticket buyers and didn’t sell out within minutes, which is heartbreaking as we want Teen Top to know that they are very much loved in the UK.

Luckily, the lovely people at B7Klan and Speakeasy whom are arranging Teen Top’s European tour have come up with a solution for poor Angels all over the UK. As well as the VIP tickets (costing £85 with includes ticket to concert, early access and fan goodies) and the standard tickets (downstairs stalls – standing £60), they are introducing a new economy ticket!

Dear TEEN TOP UK fans,
We‘ve heard from numerous UK fans that the ticket prices for the Teen Top show in London are too expensive for many of you and that a lot of you have decided not to attend the show for this reason. We are very sorry too hear this because we want the TEEN TOP show to be a big party for all the people who like the band and enjoy their music. Therefore, we have decided, along with the London promoter, to produce a special ECONOMY ticket price for the show. Here are the conditions for the new ECONOMY ticket :
– Admission to the venue will be after the V.I.P. and regular ticket-holders.
– All ECONOMY tickets will be for the balcony ONLY
– Price will be 37,-GBP
We really hope that all fans in the UK will appreciate this gesture and that everyone can now attend the show.
Tickets will soon be on sale through : www.theforumlondon.com
Thank you very much and spread the word.
~ B7KLAN and Speakeasy

From a little research, we think the balcony would be unreserved seating and with HMV Forum being such an intimate venue, we’re sure everyone will get a good view! To help you guys decide what kind of tickets to get here is a little help:

VIPs and Standard Tickets will be downstairs in the stalls standing (£85 or £6o exc booking fee). Extremely close with a slopped floor meaning even those standing at the very back of the crowd will get an awesome view. And those at the barrier will be so close you can possibly reach out and touch Teen Top.

Teen Top Standard Tickets London

Those with Economy (£37) will be upstairs and we’re guessing it will remain as unreserved seating for health and safety reasons. This is the view from the bar at the very back of the balcony so a pretty decent view!

Teen Top Economy ticket

And this is how Teen Top will see us. A view from the stage!

HMV Forum stage view

All tickets are currently available on the two official ticket outlets of HMV Forum: Ticketmaster and Meanfiddler but neither websites display confirmation as to where and how the new economy ticket wil work.

In the mean time, you can all prepare for Teen Top’s concert by learning Fan chants which you can find on YouTube or why not participate in United Kpop’s Message book project! Whether you are going to the concert or not, you can submit a message to Teen Top and leave them with good memories and happy feelings about the UK :)

Who are Teen Top

And for all those unaware who Teen Top are, here is a little information on the first Kpop idols to be performing on our shores in 2013:

Teen Top (Hangul: 틴탑) is a South Korean boy group that consists of six members: C.A.P, Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky and Changjo. The band debuted under T.O.P Media, founded by Andy Lee of Shinhwa, in 2010. They released their first single album Come into the World on July 9, 2010 and made their official debut the following day on MBC’s Music Core.

With their first single Clap, they demonstrated some super in-sync dance moves and some amazing vocal skills, instantly capturing the attention of the Kpop world and showing everyone that they were a band to be taken seriously. Continuing on with their dramatic image, they went on to release Supa Luv which once again showed off their crazy good dancing skills with synced jumping that even Michael Jackson would be proud off. Teen Top then went on to show off their playful side with the rather controversial No More Perfume on You, super catchy and teentastic Crazy and then presenting us with a rather soulful To You for summer.

Teen Top’s last released single Be My Girl has to be a favourite and fully showed off Teen Top’s super synchronized dance skills as well as their adorable playful side. Teen Top has been a favourite group of ours since their debut and we can’t wait to see them perform live! Although they are still fairly young in the Kpop industry (as well as in age) they are a brilliant example of why many UK fans love Kpop. They are a group that consistently impress us with their dance skills and we just can’t get enough of their perfect synchronicity!!!

We hope that you’ll be able to come to the concert and give Teen Top a MASSIVE welcome to the UK! Here are some useful information for all those who have purchased tickets:

Just to reconfirm there are 3 types of tickets:

~VIP – (£85 + booking fee) You will be the first allowed into the venue and you will get a goodie bag!

~Standard (£60 + booking fee) You will be allowed in after VIP ticket holders and it will be downstairs standing in stalls

~Economy (£37 + booking fee) According to B7Klan, you will be allowed in after everyone else and you will be located upstairs in the balcony which we are assuming will be unreserved seating.

The Venue: The HMV Forum – 9 – 17 Highgate Road, Kentish Town, London, NW5 1JY / 020 7428 4099

From Kentish Town tube station, turn right out of the station and at the junction of Highgate Rd and Fortress Rd, take the left hand fork on to Highgate Rd. The Forum is 100 yards up on your left.

The last tube trains on the night are: 00:47 for NORTHBOUND or 00:14/00:20 for SOUTHBOUND. Please make sure you double check TFL to make sure you’ll be able to get home safely!

HMV Forum map

Buses: C2 – Oxford Circus to Parliament Hill Fields
214 – Liverpool St Station to Highgate Village
134 – Tottenham Court Road to North Finchley

Night buses: N134, N20 – Barnet to Trafalgar Square

Or for more traveling options, make sure you visit the HMV Forum website!

IMPORTANT! Remember, this concert is strictly 14+ only and all those under 16 must be accompanied by a +18 adult who has a valid photo ID.

And for all those who opted for a print at home ticket, don’t forget to print the tickets!!! You will need to physically click on the link in your confirmation email and print out the PDF tickets! If you are unsure if you have the correct one, ours has a orange border.

We hope this post has been useful, if you need any more information let us know and we’ll try to keep you as updated as possible!

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