Teen Top Concert in London

Teen Top London 2013

Last Friday was the first Kpop concert of 2013, with T.O.P Media’s first boy group Teen Top taking to the stage in Kentish Town, London. With Angels (official name of Teen Top fans) queueing up outside the venue since the morning and attracting the attention of locals, everyone eagerly rushed into the venue as soon as the doors opened. UK Teen Top fans were well and truly ready to welcome the six boys to the UK stage with fan signs, glow sticks and fan chants ready. The stage was set for Teen Top, one of the first Kpop groups embarking on a Europe specific tour!

Teen Top London audience

As soon as the lights in the venue went down, the huge screen played the introduction video and the crowd knew it was time to prepare those vocal chords! Teen Top was greeted by deafening screams and opened the concert with their 2nd single Supa Luv, which immediately revved up the crowd with many people singing along. From the outset, all members of Teen Top seemed hyped and happy to be on stage. With the stage and crowd so close together, it was a great chance for the fans and Teen Top to interact with each other, something that was fully taken advantage of by Teen Top and fans throughout the gig.

Teen Top played through all their singles such as No more perfume on youTo you, Clap, Be ma girl, and UK fans showed just how MASSIVE Angels they are by singing along to all the songs. All the members performed with great energy and smiles, executing their epic dance choreography in flawless synchronicity, reminding UK fans just why they love these 6 boys so much! The dance moves were slick, the live singing was awesome, and each stage was greeted with rapturous applause and enthusiastic screams. Teen Top also showed off their English skills and impressed the UK crowd by busting out Ollie Murs’ Troublemaker ! They also chose British legends The Beatles’ All you need is love to end their gig.

As fans of this adorable group since debut, we were very excited to finally be able to see them and their dance moves live. Their stage presence is immense and one of the best things about the gig as a fan is being able to witness some member interactions live. The members were always giving each other cheeky looks or playfully fighting between songs, which reflected Teen Top’s adorable personalities. It’s these kinds of moments that make watching a concert feel more personal, and the intimate venue made the concert extra special for all the fans watching Teen Top.

As usual in Kpop concerts, there were solo and group stages. These individual performances are another fan favourite and give the members a chance to highlight their talents and give fans a special little treat as these performances are normally not seen on TV! Chunji went first with an adorable solo where he covered a Bruno Mars song, wooing all the girls in the audience. His vocal was beautiful and even though he just sat on a stool Westlife style, the whole audience was captivated. C.A.P and Niel got girls screaming, fainting and hyperventilating as they performed Bedrock, which we’re still in shock over. C.A.P was epic, a lot of new C.A.P fans were born that night, but you can lick what, Niel?! SCANDALOUS! Our favourite individual stage had to be Chanjo, L.Joe and Ricky’s dance break. We’re all suckers for super epic in-sync dance moves here at KCM, and these three certainly gave us all of that! Ricky and Changjo are just so enthusiastic and passionate, along with the fabulous L.Joe, the crowd went wild. We were stood on the balcony and people were jumping so hard that we actually feared for our lives as the balcony and the whole concert hall shook!

Apart from their songs and dances, it was great to hear them introduce themselves, chat and interact with the audience. Although they had the aid of a translator (who was so good and mysterious, we spent quite a while trying to work out which member was speaking). The members were really good at entertaining and revving up the crowd, particularly L.Joe who showed why he was the one that was usually in charge of English. It was touches such as this that again made this concert feel so personal and friendly.

All too soon it was time for the concert to end. After changing their clothes, Teen Top came on stage for the last time to huge screams from UK Angels, and had fun with the audience by handing out roses (lucky fans!) and picking up fan gifts that had been thrown on stage. The Teen Top members looked happy and playful throughout the whole concert and really gave the fans some fantastic performances. The whole gig felt very personal and the atmosphere throughout was joyful and fun. It was a very, very special concert, and hopefully Teen Top enjoyed themselves as much as the audience did!

Teen Top London CAP

C.A.P was very popular that night…

We’ve got three photo albums up of the night, which can be seen here, here and here. There should be enough photos there to satisfy even the biggest Teen Top fans! Some videos can be seen on our YouTube playlist below also.

Here’s to hoping Teen Top come back  to the UK soon and they have a successful release of their upcoming first full length album! Check out the Teaser:

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  1. Looks like Teen Top performed on full house, I’m happy for them! Some really good performances right there! Good article!

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