London Fashion Week 2013

Yeashin Kim Look Magazine

Gangnam Style fever may be dying down but the spotlight is not yet off South Korea. PSY and friends demonstrated the fabulous styles and fashion of South Korea in THE music video of 2012, so it’s not a surprise that people of Britain are taking a closer look at South Korea on the fashion front, especially with London Fashion Week coming up! A couple of weeks ago, British publication LOOK did a feature on South Korean Designer Yeashin Kim, who will be showcasing her design at the Fashion Scout’s One to Watch initiative. Along with Chinese designer Patrick Li, Kim and Li have been described as a new breed of Eastern creatives [who are] fast becoming the coolest thing on the fashion scene. At London Fashion Week we’ll be seeing Yeashin Kim’s designs on the catwalk show that’s known to propel fresh talents into the limelight, giving many new designers that big leg up towards becoming household names.

Yeashin Kim Korean DesignerYeashin’s pieces have been described as playful frocks which reflect her Eastern roots and we can definitely see some familiar accessories such as the fabulous headgear that resemble the gats from the Joseon dynasty in her Garden of east collection. Kim has said that the varieties of materials, controlled colours and textured details are typical of luxurious traditional Korean dress. We love all the amazing unique bold colours of Kim’s line; the designs are so different, fresh and fashionable, yet still functional and wearable. The mixture of slick clean modern cuts, fabulous fabrics and textures such as silk and pleats along with little ethnic influenced detailing give these outfits all a very special and retro folksy vibe. We just love how cute and playful these dresses look. We also want to make a very special mention about the amazing footwear! Resembling traditional Korean footwear, Kim has slapped on some higher chunky heels to modernise them for today’s fashion pack. We can’t wait to see more from Yeashin Kim!

Gangnam Style Grazia magazine

Grazia Magazine

In look magazine Kim also talks about growing up in South Korea. If you’re planning a trip to South Korea make sure you visit Dongdaemun! Described as a MASSIVE shopping district, Kim talks about how the hub of markets and shopping centres is home to many different styles of clothing. A fashion lovers dream! Kim remarked how over the past few years, Koreans have become increasingly interested in fashion with many people choosing to study it. When it comes to East Asian fashions, many think of Japan’s crazy dramatic looks, but South Korea has been showcasing their own unique style and securing their space on the fashion map. This is not the first time that PSY has inspired fashion magazines to take a look at Korean style. Grazia magazine last year took a look at what Gangnam style really is and highlighted the fabulously understated look that South Koreans seem to do so well. We’ve definitely noticed how impeccably dressed the South Korean public are. This simple, understated yet highly fashionable look seems to be a look all Koreans are skilled in. We’ve also noticed that many Koreans are masters of layering, no nation makes cardigans look as cool as South Korea. *Special mention goes to Jung Joon Young, master of layering and all round fabulous cardigan wearer.

images from tumblr

Jackie Lee Korean Fashion DesignerAnother South Korean taking part in London Fashion Week is Jackie Lee. Born in Seoul, Lee demonstrates the fabulous understated Korean look in her collections. Her signature is chic, minimalist and modernist tailoring. Her collection features some amazing clean cut tailoring with simple pieces that exude timeless grace and elegance. It’s hard to explain how someone can make a simple monotone outfit so fabulous, it must be a Korean secret. The clean structured lines and amazing yet simple use of colour in her collection is captivating, making her pieces all timeless classic that will never go out of style. You can catch her presentation on 16th February. More details can be found HERE.

Lee Soo hyeok London FashionAnd if Korea JoongAng Daily is correct, it looks like we’ll also get some eye candy on the catwalk this coming fashion week! Korea JoongAng Daily reports that model turned actor Lee Soo Hyeok will be representing Korea in the world of high fashion and taking part in London and Paris fashion week! It is reported that he is the only Asian model to make the cut among other newbies from Holland, Canada, Brazil, Australia, England, Hungary, Germany and Lithuania. We don’t know which label he will be modelling for but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out!

We are very much looking forward to London Fashion Week this year which will also be featuring established London based designer Eudon Choi. Tiffany, Yoona and Seohyun from SNSD made special appearances at last year’s London Fashion Week and with GDragon and C.L’s recent visit also rumoured to be something to do with Fashion Week, we’re hoping for some exciting surprises! London Fashion Week will be from 15th – 19th February and shows will be happening all around London. You can find out more information HERE.

Sources: LOOK magazine 4th Feb 2013 issue, London Fashion Week,, Korea JoongAng Daily, Hancinema, tumblr


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