Everyone’s wearing the Union Jack

London Fashion week starts today, where London gets a chance to show the world just how fabulous we are! UK brands seem to be the popular choice in the Kpop world at the moment. Everyone seems to be wearing BOY LONDON right now, from Big Bang, 2NE1 and B.A.P to SNSD and 100%, the iconic BOY LONDON motifs can be seen everywhere! We’ve also spotted SNSD in Topshop fashions and many Kpop idols are loving the funky Lazy Oaf label; we even spotted a Lazy Oaf outlet in Hongdae! And lets not forget that we are home to the favourite footwear of many Kpop idols, the Dr Marten Boot!

The UK is a hip and trendy country. Our capital is home to many iconic locations such as Camden town, Portobello Market, Saville Row, Carnaby St and Soho. The UK has also given rise to many fashionable icons such as The Beatles, Vivienne Westwood, The Clash, Alexander McQueen and The Spice Girls (maybe). So it’s only fitting that our flag should be a fabulously fashionable one too, and we’re not sure if anyone else has noticed but recently we’ve seen a lot of Kpop idols also expressing their love for the Union Jack.

SM artists in particular seems to love donning the Union Jack, this must obviously mean they love the U.K and a SM Town London is due to happen soon right? Right SM? Even Minho is dropping MASSIVE hints:

minho London is favourite city airport London fashions

image credit to Kworldstyle

And it’s not just our epic flag that has been inspiring idols, it seems that ever fashion forward BigBang has taken that one step further and looked to our iconic London imagery for fashion inspiration. We love it! But we’re pretty sure this is a look that only T.O.P can pull off…

TOP UK Fashion

And last but not least, we leave you with Vixx’s latest practice video. We love Vixx here, we’re all MASSIVE Starlights. So it was absolutely fabulous when we spotted Leo wearing a Union Jack tee-shirt.

Have you spotted anyone else wearing the Union Jack lately? Let us know!

Wishing you all a Happy Friday! :)

Images as credited and other sources: pearlescentskyblue, smtownjjang, theexostyle, LeeDonghaeinternationalfanclub


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